Osechi Compilation : Opening the boxes

Osechi Ryori is Japanese good luck food for the NewYear

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the lacquer box
the Osechi menu 2011
kuri kinton
kuro mame

Osechi 1 : kazu no ko
Osechi 2 : kintoki ninjin and daikon for namasu
Osechi 3 : building a rice paddy
Osechi 4 : kohaku kamaboko fish cakes
Osechi 5 : chicken matsukaze
Osechi 6 : the vegetable box
Osechi 7 : tamago mosaic

omedetai (lucky grilled fish)

Menu Osechi (part 4) : Magrets de canard, sauce aux airelles

Duck breast, airelles (cranberry) sauce and (Japanese) turnip puree.

Sauce aux airelles. The red airelles are berries quite similar to cranberries that can found in the woods of Northern Europe. Anyway, all I get here is :

Dried cranberries.

I soaked them 24 hours in red wine. Made a roux, an onion compote, added wine and pasted cranberries. Then after hours, mixed the sauce, added a few spices and reheated with soaked cranberries and their wine.

These small turnips need only a few minutes in boiling water. Mashed them, added cream.

I cook the duck very little on a very hot pan. It’s red inside. A magret is a part of breast that comes with a layer of fat skin. Ideally, cook it whole, starting on the fat side, then slice. Well, they sell it sliced, so as you see…

Full Menu Osechic

Menu Osechic (part 1)

A 4 step, red and white French menu, for an Osechi (New Year Good Luck) meal…
Red and white are the auspiscious colors for Asian new Year. I looked for 4 festive French dishes in those colors. What do you think ?
More about it soon.

Menu :

Blanc-manger medieval, au cabillaud

Boudins blancs “truffes” aux petites pommes

Magret de canard sauce aux airelles,
et sa puree de navets

Gateau Mont-Blanc antillais

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Boudin blanc
Canard aux airelles
Gateau Mont-Blanc