A macédoine chinoise

A satisfying original stir-fry animated by Asian flavors.

That’s not cuisine from Macedonia at all. Macédoine just means a mix of cubes veggies and peas. When I was a kid, they’d tell me that was because in history Macedonia, the old country, had been made of patches of very small regions and people. Yeah ? What country was not ? The horror is that was usually about canned veggies that tasted like the can. So they invented stories to make you eat that…

Nothing like that here. I’ve fresh produce and some well cooked.

My selection. Some garlic and ginger are not on the photo.

The black things are hijiki seaweeds and Chinese ear wood mushrooms. I used them dry and they have soaked the excess of sauce.

Another black ingredient is the tablespoon of Chinese miso I have added. And I’ve sprinkled ground Sichuan pepper.

A huge plate to devour with black Puer tea. I really thought I was preparing some for 2 or 3 meals but I have eaten it all as it’s really easy to munch. You take a spoon, one more and again and oh no more ! No problem, that’s totally healthy.

A bunny’s dream cannelloni

Cannelloni filled with grated carrots for a Spring gratin. The volume is huge but there are a lot of vegetables so it’s very light, easy to eat. The perfect balance.

Lots of carrots…

But not only. I made half with azuki beans, carrots, garlic, chili. And half with chicken liver, carrots, black pepper, Sichuan pepper.

Lots of bell peppers and carrots on top.

Covered with brown sauce (beef stew leftover), ready to be baked.

That’s not so dry, all the juice is under.

Sprinkled with paprika and a little olive oil.

Another version :

Green and white cannelloni with marjoram

Aïoli aux pommes de terres nouvelles

Second round of the series of potato salads.
Aïoli was a party meal, with the intention of enjoying the last veggies of the old season and some seafood. It seems that was usually for Winter, before Lent maybe. Now people enjoy it at any season.
A grand aïoli is a big party, with many items, more seafood. Let’s make it small and centered around the new potatoes.

The soul of the aïoli is the sauce.
Ail is garlic, and huile is oil in French so that sounds logical. In Occitan language, aïoli is garlic oil. So just pasted garlic and olive oil, a little salt. Traditionnally.
It is not well, but some add an egg yolk. I did, because it requires a certain hand skill, training to be able to mount the sauce without egg.
I also added lemon juice and a little saffron. Little, cheating…

Steamed new potatoes. Tender, good to eat with the skin.

Cod fish, poached in a broth of laurel leaves.

Everything is steamed of boiled. The zucchini cubes and cooked in herbs and garlic oil were a leftover.

Present the tray with the hot ingredients, and the sauce.

A tray of ingredients to hot pot… (mini sukiyaki dinner) (via Gourmande in Osaka)

Last year…

A tray of ingredients to hot pot… (mini sukiyaki dinner) Evening is fresher… nothing better than a small informal sukiyaki to warm up the night. Here you have carrots, konnyaku noddles, green leeks, fine slices of lean beef, shiitake mushrooms, "fu" (gluten croutons) shaped in balls and flowers, small brown "enokidake mushrooms" (their name is "yamacha" mountain brown) and a sudachi (forrest fragrant small green lemon) that I don't add into the pot but as a final seasoning for the mushrooms. For the … Read More

via Gourmande in Osaka

Boeuf-carottes forever

The typical French Winter stew. 5 minutes of work, marinate, cook a little and let simmer long long hours in rice-cooker transformed in crock pot.

Bring the bread (thank you, little home-bakery). It’s rice-bran and sesame bread.



Steamed veggies to be beautifully healthy. They are delicious naturally, even salt is not needed.

Kabocha brings carotene, vitamins and all. It gives a nice skin and prevents colds. They say.

Kiwi produced in Japan. Well no seeds.

Dry persimmon.

On yogurt.

(meal + bread)
Cal 692 F12.6g C111.3g P36.7g

Previous versions :


Boeuf de huit heures… Slow cooked beef