Tiger stew

They are called toramame (tiger beans) for obvious reasons. I’ve used them to make a very simple cassoulet/baked bean dish.

They become a little darker when they cook. After soaking the bean overnight, I’ve refried cut onions, garlic, laurel leaves in olive oil, added the beans, water and let simmer on the stove till beans got tender.

Then I’ve passed the broth and a few beans in the blender, added salt and pepper. Covered the beans and baked till it formed a crust.

Ginger pickle, cabbage, turnip and dill salad as a side.

On top, cut parlsey, coarse salt, olive oil.

Yummy !

Cassoulet de la mer. Fish and beans.

Diet today ! This is the “fasting day” cassoulet. Oh, I can explain :
Cassoulet du vendredi

The dose of tomato was generous.

After a long while, these white beans get soft…

3 types of fish. Raw cod fish. Slightly salted salmon…

… and shishamo (Hokkaido eperlan) that are also salted and with eggs inside.

The fish and beans layered in the big cassoule (cassoulet pot)

Hot from the oven…

De-cassoulet, the vegetarian way

I had a whole pot of simmered beans when I prepared fish cassoulet a few days ago. I used 2/3 for the baked dish. I had left-overs : few beans but all the flavoring veggies (and melted garlic) and lots of broth.

This time, it’s not a cassoulet as it’s not baked in the pottery dish… let’s de-cassoulet.
I added lots of leftover veggies from my fridge (romanesco, celery stalks, mushrooms…) and reheated slowly.

The last addition is an egg, poached in the broth, served when white was cook. For a second serving, a second egg.