Bourride de limande et hamaguri

Let’s go to Provence with a bourride.

That’s the yellow cousin of bouillabaisse.

The particularity is it is flavored and served with aïoli sauce.

Filets of flounder, marinating with green yuzu lime…

The big pot.

First a plate of soup.

Then vegetables and shellfish (hamaguri, orient clams).

And the flounder fish (limande).

Some more aïoli.

Matcha soba, shiso pesto and veg’ freshness…

We’re getting into the days when you want to eat raw, cold, green, light…

Zaru soba is baaack ! It’s green because it’s matcha (green tea) flavored.
Click here for the soba compilation.

They are the perfect complement for :
shiso pesto.

The leaves are called “salad celery”, they have a very mild celery taste, aftertaste… well, they bring mostly color and fibers. The new onions have been salted, let overnight, rinsed. And the pink cubes are watermelon. Lots of crunchiness.

Omelette du jour : green, gold, pink

A big big omelet !

That starts with a stir-fry with all the fridge l.o. Garlic, red onion, celery, negi leek, mizuna (stalks), chili pappers, boiled potatoes…

And eggs beaten with cut nira leaves.

Under there is a roasted crust. Over a creamy omelet.

A Spring minestrone with nira

Some dishes follow you around the years :

a Winter minestrone with mizuna and pancetta

But as the seasons turn, ingredients vary.

Spring ingredients, quickly simmered : kintoki beans and their broth, new potatoes boiled with their skin, celery, green beans, bell pepper, pasted garlic, black pepper.

Taisho Kintoki beans

Nira (garlic chives) cut finely, with olive oil and salt to make a green gremolata.

The veggies…

…the garlicky broth…

…the nira gremolata.

Nira chahan, fried rice du jour

Cha-han is a anything goes Chinese style fried rice. Nira (Asian garlic chives) are those long leaves with a slight garlic taste. And they came for lunch together…

Sunny and eggy, with a touch of chili sauce. Let’s make it :

First, stir-fry all the veggie left-overs (eringi mushrooms, celery, negi leeks, onion, the white stalks of the nira) in oil flavored with garlic a cut dry chilly and a ts of salted shrimps ami-ebi.

Scramble an egg in the middle. Add in hot rice from the rice cooker, spices.

That makes a ton. Let’s store half for another meal.

To the rest, I added natto beans, a beaten egg, the bouquet of nira.

And served !

With marinated eringi, and red favas in the pod.