Kabocha and chana dal chilled soup

Chana dal yellow split peas, soaked overnight, cooked in the rice cooker. Cooled.

Covered with a soup of boiled kabocha pumpkin flesh with just a little sesame seeds, salt and turmeric. Passed in the blender, cooled.

That’s all. And that’s very tasty because the kabocha has a great flavor in this season. You can drizzle a little of you favorite oil on top.

Serve with a few crackers. You have a healthy complete meal.

Dry yellow tofu. Chick pea bread.

Do you remember the Burmese / Shan yellow tofu I made a while ago ?
Making Shan Tofu with modern kitchen equipment
I had some (uncooked) paste left and frozen. When I defrost, the bag leaked so I got dryer grounds. I cooked in micro-wave (added salt and nutmeg) and obtained that sort of “cake”.
I liked the “wet simmered” one a lot, but this one is sooo great ! I have eaten up 2 servings.

Plus shiitake mushrooms, chili peppers and shishito peppers, tomato sauce (with garlic, olive oil and fresh thyme).

(with 2 eggs and 2 servings of yellow tofu)
Cal 656.5 F21.3g C95.3g P40.2g

And you feel “filled” for a while.

Classic yellow tofu :

Shan tofu with ra-yu sauce

Fried Yellow Tofu (Burma dinner)

Yell’Autumn 4 : Making Shan tofu

That’s not corn but yellow split peas, chana dal.
I’ve seen they were used to make Shan tofu“yellow tofu”, a Burmese dish. Let’s try.

Here is the recipe :

I have not the same equipment… As they don’t say, I didn’t put any seasoning. And that’s good this way.
Ingredients :
chana dal

After 24 hours of rehydratation in the fridge.

Creamed in a blender.

Cooked 1 hour (jam program) in my Home Bakery.

After cooking.

Into the jelly case.

Let it cool 2 hours.

Yellow tofu !

It’s firm and easy to cut. The taste ? Not tofu at all… not hummous… like some good potatoe puree.