Kasu-keiki, the new cheese cake



These nice one-bite cakes were too good to be saved for next day and daylight photos.
I consider sake kasu as a new type of cheese. It’s creamy, it’s fermented so why not ? And that’s natural that it gives great results in cheese cake type preparations.


So here it is, fresh sake kasu (sake lees).


I had some sweet bread crumbles, similar to cookie crumbles from my baker.


With other ingredients : silky tofu, kurozato black sugar.
I creamed 1/2 cup of
sake kasu with a little water, added melted sugar, 1 cup of tofu, vanilla powder, 2 tbs of potato starched. Made it very smooth.


I mixed the crumbs with a little coconut, butter, garnished bottoms of paper cups. I poured the cream on top. Cooked 5 minutes, slowly in steaming program of microwave. Let cool totally. Then paper cases can be removed, if you want.


Pure tofu yuzu cake

A lovely cake, freshly plant-based. It show-cases the citrus fragrance of yuzu lemon and waiting is really necessary to get the full flavor.

It reminds of a compact cheese cake for the texture.

Ingredients :

A block of tofu (silky)
A yuzu citrus (its juice and grated peel)
4 tbs of potato starch
2 tbs of coconut cream
kurozato black cane sugar to taste
(optional vanilla extract or powder)

Mix with a fork. Bake slowly (160 degrees Celsius) till top is yellow, about 1 hour. Let cool 24 hours. Take out of mold.

Sprinkle sugar on top. Decorate with rose petals. Serve with pomelo.

Tonyu milky cakes

A “cheesecakey” soy milk dessert. It’s simple, creamy and so pleasant on a humid hot evening. It could be made with whole milk too. Well, for me, Summer is nearly a dairy free season.

Tonyu curds :
Take 4 cups of tonyu whole soy milk, not the commercial drink version. I made mine (tutorial). Heat at about 60 degree C, add a few drops of lemon juice. Let 15 minutes. It should be curded. Pass through a cheese cloth. You’ll get 1 cup of curds.

Cakes :
A : 1 cup of curds + 1 egg yolk + 1 tbs cane sugar + 2 tbs flour + 1/2 lemon juice + vanilla extract
B : egg white + 1 tbs sugar
Beat A. Beat the egg white, add in sugar, combine with B.
Bake about 40 minutes at low heat.

Sprinkle with confectioner sugar. Let cool. Serve chilled.

Softy apple banana muffins

They are fresh, light, fruity and nutty. It’s a inspired by several banana bread recipes seen here and there. The texture is mushier than a bread. I wanted to keep them for the photo in natural light the next day but I’ve eaten the 3 in the evening.

Cut a ripe banana, to fill 1/3 of the molds.

The batter is made with a second banana which was even riper, a small apple (grated with its red skin), an egg, maybe half a cup of flour, baking powder, 3 tbs of cream cheese, 1 tbs of nerigoma (tahini, sesame butter), 2 tbs of powdered sesame seeds and a grated lemon zest.

They burst open while baking… and fell down later.

Serve cooled. They are not good hot, the lemon cheesecake and nutty flavors appear after 2 hours.