Mitsuba mushroom kimchi ramen


A quick lunch, using as usual season produce. It’s just a stir-fry of chuka soba (Chinese noodles).


With konnyaku (cut in cubes), chicken liver, stalks and leaves of mitsuba, kimchi, white mushrooms…


That makes an interesting mi of flavors, textures, rawness, cooked feeling, spiciness.



A fresh lunch tray


Today’s lunch. No fuss.
Hot days are arriving… and going back… and back. Chaotic weather, so the food looks random too.


Spring roll du jour : lots of raw veggies and herbs.


Sesame, natto…


Rolled !


Dessert waffles : batter is flour, baking powder, sugar and vanilla. Garnished with grated apple, almond slices, cocoa chips.


Cooked !


Chicken liver, onion, paprika and balsamico sauce leftover (from here).



Haggish cabbage

It’s inspired by Scottish haggis that I have never eaten. Well, the original is a round sausage made with sheep innards, boiled.
I have made it with chicken and cabbage instead of casing.
I had no idea what it would taste like. Maybe you wonder too. Then read till the end.


Toasted oatmeal, minced onion and minced cooked chicken liver and heart make the base. I also added a little ginger and garlic, tarragon and laurel, nutmeg, black pepper, paprika and sea salt for flavoring. Then for the fat a tbs of lard, two of neutral oil. Plus 2 tbs of brandy. Some hot water. Be generous in spices to avoid the smell. The paprika makes the aspect much more appealing.

Wrapped in blanched cabbage leaves.

I put them in plastic bags and steamed about 40 minutes. Let cool.

Reheated with carrots in some herb broth. And enjoy ! Like that it’s delicious.
Well, I tried a bit just after steaming and that was not so good and too soft. A few hours later, reheated it got perfect.
The global taste is in the line of boulettes de foie (liver meat balls). The oatmeal is not perceptible but gives that crumbly texture. Since it’s a bit dry, having the juicy cabbage around and the broth makes it more pleasant.

Piping hot under the crust, a simple pot pie.

The perfect Winter food. Bring the very hot bowl on the table, break the crispy golden crust and discover the fragrant broth, the soft bits…

The ingredients are cooked at 80%, let them cool a while, then covered. Don’t forget to make a chimney. It’s a simple olive oil dough, thinner that it looks on the photo.

Inside, chicken liver, shiitake mushrooms, onion, awamori sake, water, nuoc nam, pepper. Just before baking I added a piccata of garlic, onion, ginger, spinach and a good lick of brandy.

Lots of these in it. They become so soft.


Let’s devour it…

Stir-fry du jour : sansho and red cabbage

No need to introduce again the stir-fry.

It’s easy and always tasty.

Today’s red cab’ based.

It’s flavored with (frozen) sansho peppercorn (read about it).
Photos say it all.

The pompom.