After-Eight oursons… oops.


There were 2 sweets I liked a lot as a kid.
1. After-Eight : mint in dark chocolate.


2. Oursons : marshmallow teddy bears in dark chocolate.

I can do a fusion of the two, no ? Well, in theory.


I pounded into paste a good amount of peppermint, added marshmallows, heat them just enough to melt, stirred…


Filled chocolate in the mold. Let dry overnight, added the marshmallow cooled, later added chocolate, waited…


But they taste great ! If anybody has tips to take out the bears from the mold without breaking them, I’m taking. I tried making a thicker chocolate case, but that’s not so good. I tried molding the marshmallow so I’d dip it in chocolate after, but it stuck totally on the mold too. I’m too clumsy, it seems.


Poulet frites, a basic French meal

There are people that eat always the same things in France too. The poulet-frite people are many. Roasted chicken and fries. Most chicken love it. Grown-up kids too. So me too !

Honey chicken (recipe here) flavored with fresh thyme and laurel, fresh from a friend’s garden.

Golden and sweet.

Home-made fries are the best.

Golden and crispy.

Mesclun (baby leaves) with a tarragon vinaigrette. So we’ve eaten our greens.

That’s how Mum tricked us into eating…

That’s how Mum tricked us into eating hamburgers. She was hiding the meat between veggies we loved so much. And she was hiding cookies under the leaves of salad. She was ordering us to swallow chocolate bars pretexting that was a medicine for our arthritis.

You don’t believe me ? You’re right.

Yummy carrots ! The color is bright and appetizing, isn’t ? When we were kids, with my brother and sister, we refused to eat one spoon of that. I don’t even say “that food” as we considered it to be table decoration that we’d push aside to get the food.

So my Mum would *hide* them inside the mashed potatoes. That’s not very discreet, we could see them. We couldn’t separate them from the precious potatoes, so that worked.
That was her version of “hachis parmentier”.

One more variation : instead of using ground beef, or leftovers of beef, I used duck meat. That’s what I scrapped from the bones I used to make stock a while ago. I refried it with onions in duck fat.


Bread crumbs, black pepper and a little butter to make the crust.

That was good !