With fava bean pancakes

Another simple lunch that is not so usual. It is centered on those falafelish patties. I should call them ta’amiya as they are made of fresh broad beans. It’s green, full of proteins and delicious :

They are delight dipped in Chinese vinegar, like gyoza dumplings.

I pasted in the blender those raw favas. Flavored with negi leeks, mint, garlic, ground sesame, salt, pepper.

I cooked them well in olive oil and made the sides a bit crispy.

Black vinegar to dip.

The sides are very simple. Sorghum, cooked in the rice cooker, seasoned with salt and aonori seaweed.

Lotus root, goya bitter squash and red cabbage.

Black pepper seared veggies. I nearly scorched them and stopped one second before, on purpose.

They were very crispy and flavored with a smoky taste.

Refreshing food : Spring bouquet with Chinese sauce

Green raw Spring rolls du jour. I made many to munch one by one during the hot afternoon.

Just natto and veggies.

Chinese black vinegar was used for the sauce.

It also contains ginger pickles, new onion, sesame oil, sesame seeds and chili pepper seeds.

Watery veggies and a sour sauce… that makes you forget the heavy weather.

hot pasta salad (via Colorfood Daidokoro Gourmande in Osaka)

Last year…

hot pasta salad Stir-fried sweet peppers, garlic, flat beans, mushrooms, topping hot soba nooodles. Seasoning is olive oil and aged black rice vinegar (China's version of balsamico). The leaves are …

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Red hot and green okras

That’s an easy dinner, for a hot night. Not much cooking involved. Black rice and hatomugi (the body cooling cereal) was frozen (I made a lot before), just reheated.

Salad is shredded rucola, shredded basil, green hot chili, avocado, tataki beef (Japanese style roastbeef), chili flakes. Seasoning is simply Chinese black vinegar.

It’s a stir fry : olive oil, garlic, onion, okras, lots of tomato “concassee” (without peel or seeds). Then the hotness comes from Thai paste for Tom Yam soups (lemon grass, kaffir lime leaves, galangal, lime, fish sauce, chili peppers, oil).

(1.5 serving of “rice”)
Cal 695.5 F24.0g C97.9g P26.3g