Purple beans, Mexican wind.

Today’s bean lunch takes us to Mexiiiico ! I feel so much warmer after eating this.

I’ve added spices, cumin, nutmeg, powdered jalapeno, and a diced carrot to boiled azuki beans (I restocked big time : soaked and cooked 1 kg !). The salsa is from a jar.

I’ve got this huge leafy Chinese cabbage.

The outer greens slightly steamed as a hot salad.

Yuzu guacamole, just yuzu juice and avocado. That’s enough, fragrant, sour, silky. That makes one creamy topping. The other is yogurt.

A full meal, ready in 5 minutes. Hot and spicy.

Harusame on steamed hakusai, Spring rain on Autumn cabbage

That’s perfect : it’s raining. What’s the problem with rain ?
The weather matches my menu. I’m glad. We alternate beautiful weather days and grey full rain days. It’s Autumn lottery…

Hakusai (Napa cabbage) is not only dirt cheap in this season, it is also excellent. I’d buy whole ones , but they are so huge that I can’t finish one by myself.

Steaming is perfect.

Then something spicy on top : cooked crystal noodles made of mungo beans. They are called harusame (Spring rain).

I emptied my fridge in the stir-fry based on chicken meat and liver. Kabocha, chick peas…

To enjoy with after-meal tea : mikan oranges, peanuts and goji berries.