Shhhlggg green salsa


So quick, so fresh… A very green salsa dip with refreshing okra.


Sweet green chili pepper. I took out the seeds, juiced a hand full. Add another hand full cut into the blender. Plus a little minced garlic, cut onion. A little hot green pepper. A little salt.


Added cut steamed okra. Blended into a chunky texture. Let a while in the fridge to chill and let flavors mix.
With bought nacho chips.


Pari pari potato salad, with pickled cherry dressing

Third potato salad of the series.

Pari pari pari… scratch scratch scratch… well that sounds crispy no ? Usually those crispy bits of potatoes are fried.

Here they are boiled, dried, then toasted. Healthier ? The taste of potato is intense and very pleasant.

Lots of fresh green makes the bed.

Pickled sour cherries (cinnamon flavored) bring the orignal touch.
Le temps des cerises, the pickling season…

The sauce cannot be simpler : the vinegar from the bin of cherries, a little olive oil, salt and pepper.

All that together ? A delight…

Crispy, sour, fresh.