Black delights… (via GiO)


Black is beautiful. In Japanese cuisine, that’s really a precious color…

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Aburi, welder’s sushi (via GiO)

Ideal for the cooling weather : 炙り寿司 (aburizushi) aburi sushi. It’s fire leached sushi.
If you never had them, you must try. The transformation of taste of the fish is dramatic…

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Chakin egg sushi, natsu chirashi and pink lotus root tsukemono (via Gourmande in Osaka)

Chakin egg sushi, natsu chirashi and pink lotus root tsukemono Chakin 茶市 is a piece of fabric used to wipe accessories during tea ceremony. So this is chakin-zushi or a fukusa-zushi. Classic filling is sushi rice and rehydrated dry vegetables (shiitake, daikon), and a shrimp is added to them. Today I filled with some Summer chirashi(-zushi), it's big dish sushi garnished with tsukemono (veggie pickles). Cook rice on sushi mode (nearly al dente) or reheat some genmai brown rice. Add the vinegar (just black vi … Read More

via Gourmande in Osaka

Cosy sushi, many ways

Are not visitors disappointed ? A food blog from Osaka with so few sushi… It’s Japan, so we are supposed to eat some at every meal.
That’s not really the case, but we have some. I don’t try to replicate the restaurant style, but anyway what we are proposed here tends to differ from the horr… , I mean, the offer, in the West. There are many regional variations. I try to prepare the original home-made ones…

Definition : vinegared rice, with toppings.

If there is no rice or nor no vinegar (citrus juice/fermented sake), it is not a sushi. Consider using another name. Well, the concept is large enough to play around with shapes and toppings.

Personal opinion : what makes a good sushi, is :

ONE : the rice, quality (Japonica or Arborio, which is a Japonica anyway) and good preparation.
TWO : there should be a way to distinguish a sushi and a hamburger (I mean no ketchup, no cheese, no fries…)

Enjoy the visit…

Osaka sushi
They are the oldest style, before the custom of eating raw fish.

shime-saba and unagi
chakin sushi (egg wrapped)
meharizushi (leaf wrapped)

Edo-mae (“standard”)
Tokyo-style.The classic, famous around the world.

nigiri (hand-shaped)
gunkan-maki (war boats)
hosomaki (thin rolls)

Display sushi, not shaped, served in a wide dish for many guests.

yuzu chirashi (with tuna) yuzu chirashi (with goya)
radish chirashi
natsu chirashi (Summer style)
panda style
rose sushi

Different techniques :

Oshizushi. Pressed in a box, like those of Osaka
inari-zushi (tofu pockets)
Aburi-zushi (flamed)


The big rolls…

hatsuga genmai healthy salmon sushi
ehomaki (horoscope sushi)
rolling a makizushi

Fancy :

mini-cup sushi
chicken chirashi
egg sushi in a verrine


Black delights with the aburi sushi

Black is beautiful. In Japanese cuisine, that’s really a precious color.

The meal with the :
aburizushi (fire leached sushi)

It’s hijiki, seaweeds. They are cooked in dashi (fish broth) with soy sauce, mirin and carrot. I get them fresh but you can buy them dry and rehydrate them.

Kuro-mame. Home-made black soy beans in honey ginger syrup. They’ll get their post too. Beans in syrup are often a small dish in Japanese meals. There are many versions.

Miso soup with abura-age (fried tofu) and spinach.

(meal, 2 servings of rice)
Cal 590.3 F15.6g C87.9g P41.9g