Salade des îles (via gourmande in Osaka)

LY : the colorful Tahitian sashimi salad.

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This food is strikingly colorful naturally…
Too bad I had not the island light. It was dark at dinner time.

It’s a Tahitian salad.
…coconut cream, more shreds of coconut…

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Choco-coconut hari-nezumi

Hari-nezumi mochi are a style of wagashi (Japanese sweet) that exists mostly on this blog. I wonder why they are not more popular outside…

hari-nezumi = hedgehog

Lemon hedgehog

Today, this is a daifuku mochi.
The mochi around is made from mochiko, cooked in microwave. Inside, it is anko (azuki bean paste) with cocoa and a little instant coffee. Around coconut shreds.

Making anko (tsubuan and koshian) from the beans. Easy recipe.

choco-chip matcha-an daifuku (recipe of mochi from mochiko)

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