Tarte alsacienne à la fraise et à la myrtille (double berry cake)


It’s a cousin from Lorraine’s tarte au sucre (here). A little more elaborated. Both are nice, that depends if you’re looking for simplicity or something more cake-like.


Strawberries (fraises) and blueberries (myrtilles) are garnishing it. Frozen fruits do the trick perfectly.


And there is some streusel on top.


Tarte au sucre lorraine (grandma’s sugar bread)



La tarte au sucre du dimanche. The sugar pie for Sunday afternoon visitors.
Yes, there are 2 of them in this post. Not the same days. OK, 2 days in a row. You start eating this humble simple sweet brioche, and you never stop…


The grandmas (les Mémés ) and the aunties (les Tantines) would bake it. With little variations. Poked or not. Just butter or a little cream.


Ideal with a cup of coffee. Yes, I have mismatch vessels… That makes the food taste more authentic.



White chocolate apple cinnamon cake

It’s not a mistake. I’ve used white chocolate not black. Well, it has melted in. The cake seem very sweet and decadent and that’s just an impression.

The main ingredient is okara, the grounds obtained when I made the black tofu. The black bean skin has turned golden brown when it was baked.

Apple, cinnamon and chips of white couverture chocolate.

Recipe :
A Mix in the blender :
1 cup of black bean okara + 1/2 cup water (cooked 1 minute in the microwave)
1/2 apple cut in small bits
2 tbs of potato starch
1 to 3 tbs honey (to taste)
1/2 ts baking powder

B Add :
2/3 diced apple
a handful of white chocolate bits or chips
1/2 tbs of cinnamon

Bake slowly.

After baking 1 hour, the top is very dry.

But under, it’s very gooey.

Pure tofu yuzu cake

A lovely cake, freshly plant-based. It show-cases the citrus fragrance of yuzu lemon and waiting is really necessary to get the full flavor.

It reminds of a compact cheese cake for the texture.

Ingredients :

A block of tofu (silky)
A yuzu citrus (its juice and grated peel)
4 tbs of potato starch
2 tbs of coconut cream
kurozato black cane sugar to taste
(optional vanilla extract or powder)

Mix with a fork. Bake slowly (160 degrees Celsius) till top is yellow, about 1 hour. Let cool 24 hours. Take out of mold.

Sprinkle sugar on top. Decorate with rose petals. Serve with pomelo.

A so simple silky chocolate tarte

The queen of tarts is la tarte au chocolat. It’s often a very sophisticated cake. Here is a minimalist version.

The crust is banana, oats and vanilla powder.
The ganache is cocoa mass, coconut cream and a pinch of powdered coffee. That’s all.

Crunchy and silky. It is the perfect company for a hot after-meal coffee.