Left over make over


A meal to empty the fridge around a big piece : a roast of white sweet corn. OK, that’s not a Christmas dinner. The idea was to use all the parts of veggies I had around before going shopping for fresher produce.


White cucumbers, salted. Rinsed after 20 minutes. They are juicy like melon.


A chilled kabocha and sesame soup. It’s deliciously creamy.

DSC06932-002 I had used the flesh of steamed kabocha for a salad. The skin is edible. So I used it in the soup.
I’ve added sesame seeds, miso, green chili, yellow paprika. Blended.


Boiled green soy beans and romanesco were in the freezer. Simply with yuzu lemon and chili flakes.


Grated daikon, goji berries, cashew nuts and black pepper.


I steamed the corn cob, then grilled in the oven toaster.


Chilled molokhia and tarako soba


To dishes refreshed for Summer. The green broth molokhia, raw and chilled. And tarako pasta, in cold soba mode.


モロヘイヤMoloheya as they say here, or mulukhiyah, molohiya or molocha, corète potagère, mouloukhia… Well that herb of Pharaohs.


Made into chilled soup. In the blender : a cup of leaves, a little harissa hot chili paste, a branch of coriander leaves and 2 ice-cubes. More coriander to garnish.


Tarako, salted fish roe.


Juwari soba (100% buckwheat noddles), butter, tarako and shredded umaina greens.


Mixed. Served at room temperature.


Seed butter vichyssoise


Made with leftovers. A cold soup flavored with sesame and sunflower seed butter.


Old potatoes and whites of leeks. So the idea came quickly : a vichyssoise, the creamy chilled soup.


Lots of leeks, a few potatoes.


I had not enough sesame, so I’ve mixed with a few “pipasol” seeds. The result is very nutty.


As a side dish : ribbons of carrot, mitsuba (stalks and leaves)


With cheezy sauce/dressing : tofu, olive oil, salt and sakekasu (sake lees)



White garlic, green apple

Shiny ribbons of fruity olive oil.

That was a powerful ajo blanco.
classic grape version of this chilled soup (click here)

There was a lot of that in it. Maybe a bit too much. But after, you feel refreshed.

The first Santsugaru apples of the season. They look green but they are already very sweet.

Served directly from the mortar.

Tropical cream beet soup

A healthy reinvention of the Mitteleuropa pink delight. It’s full of Asian Summer veggies and the sour cream is replaced by coconut and lemon.

Shopping surprise : those 2 Nagano grown beets for 100 yen. It’s extremely cheap for Japan as I usually say tiny beets for 500 yen a piece. And is it not a Winter plant ? Well, I’m not a gardener. I only know beets from feeding the pigs. I guess the season is long and they can be store months, which is why I had the image of a cold weather food.

But there is no reason to shun them, even in extreme heat. Raw and chilled, they are very refreshing.

Garnish : cucumber, Kintoki red beans, nagaimo yam, enoki mushrooms.
The beans are cooked of course. The rest is raw.

Soup : beet root, creamy coconut milk, lemon juice, ginger, garlic, salt, pepper, ice cubes.
Just throw into the blender.

One more spoon of coconut cream (solidified in the fridge).
Mmmm… it’s deliciously sweet, nearly a dessert. And it’s fun to discover the crunchy bits.

Al Andalus garlic, ajo blanco

This is the end of the end of Summer, there are still got days to savor the mythic cool soup of Malaga : ajo blanco (white garlic).

Refined and simple.

Ajo blanco

Take a mortar. It’s the secret of deliciousness. The blender doesn’t do it.

A small bit of garlic, sea salt. Paste that.
Add a handful of almonds, paste. Add a handful of the white of yesterday’s bread, wet it, paste. Add a little vinegar. Add a good amount of olive oil. Add fresh water.
You can give a little bit of mixer or sieve it to smooth it more, or not.
Let 1 hour in the fridge.

Silky cream.

Malaga is famous for its sweet grapes, they are a logical companion. Otherwise season fruits : melon, apple…

A drizzle of olive oil… and enjoy the refreshment.

Another Spanish chilled soup :


Soupe du jour : Summer Chinese fragrant lake

Sichuan pepper and star anise… and you’re in eternal China, waving slowly your camphor fan.
The base is wax squash. This big white melon becames melty and transparent after boiling. It’s very refreshing.

Dry treasures : niboshi (small dry fish), shiitake mushrooms, kampyo (a very long white bean, dried), goji berries.


4 scents : star anise, Sichuan pepper, cinnamon, chili pepper. And a little soy sauce.