Vitamin colors


Three refreshing dishes to munch over hot days. Mix and wait. They served as side for several meals.

Step 1 : leafy tabouleh


Grating ginger.


Grating yuzu peel.


Cutting molokheya. Adding the ginger, citrus peel, leaves, turmeric, onion (grated too), garlic (grated too), salt and water to couscous.


Mix and wait.

Step 2 : green purple coleslaw


Just red cabbage, green bell pepper, daikon radish (grated in threads), yuzu citrus juice. Mix and wait.

Step 3 : grilled Summer salad


Aubergine, red bell pepper and green bell pepper roasted in the oven toaster. Then seasoned with olive oil, rosemary, chili flakes, salt. Mix and wait.




Kaki yuzu Winter fruit and spice coleslaw

Cabbage is the green that passes the Winter with us. Let’s prepare it with a pre-Xmas flavor of spices and citrus.

Let macerate one hour : raisins, mandarin orange and yuzu lemon peels, cinnamon, nutmeg, Cayenne pepper, a little Brandy, hot water.

Shred the cabbage, rinse and mix yuzu juice and home-made mayonnaise. Let a while.

Dice the kaki (persimmon).

Everything is ready. Just mix before serving.

Serve with a good hot soup. Enjoy the firework of flavors !

Happy rice to empty the fridge

A healthy stir-fry with left-overs of germinated rice :

hatsuga genmai

taasai greens
coleslaw (without sauce)
feet of enoki mushrooms

Fresh jelly ear mushrooms. That’s not a left-over. I bought them on purpose. They have little taste but a refreshing crunchiness.

Stir-fried with garlic, ginger and oyster sauce.


Coleslaw is one of those classic that has no classic recipe. So you can make it 1000 times and different each time. Isn’t today’s a pleasure for the eyes.

Red cabbage, negi leek whites, kabocha pumpkin and goya bitter squash.

A simple rice vinegar and olive oil vinaigrette. What makes id special is th handful of negi greens and the 1/4 ts of nutmeg.

It’s delicious one hour after mixing.

Kintoki bean mini croquettes on a bed of cole-slow…

They are more bean based falafels than croquettes, but they are as nicely crispy.

Kintoki red beans and sesame seeds, soaked overnight.

In the blender, the beans and seeds, garlic, salt, pepper… When the paste was smooth, I’ve added bell peppers.

Cooked in the frying pan. Photos were not in that order… but there is some auto-correction for photo montages too, it seems.

A red cabbage waiting to get the shred… The thinner, the tastier.
I think certain food processor apps do that quickly, but I don’t have that equipment.

I grated with this tool. That would be a bit slow to grate the whole cabbage.

A randomly mixed harissa tomato sauce.

To put on the patties.

Krrr krrr krr…. very pleasant grazing.