Etxeko biskotxa : the Basque pie invasion !

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My etxeko biskotxa. Home-made gâteau basque. No, you’re never too rich. Particularly if you’re a cake. Or if the currency of your fortune is a delicious specialty…


Yes. I have 5 ! But they are small. And I shared. And they could have been bigger and I could have not shared and eaten them all too…


Vanilla cream. This is the classic ! There is a good recipe given by the museum dedicated to this pastry.


Framboise (raspberry) and cassis (black currants). Bought jams.


Home-made ume plum jam to fill the 4th type :


Yes, that makes 5. There were 2 vanilla ones.


Confiture d’aubergine à la cannelle (cinnamon eggplant jam)

There are many types of aubergine jam from all the countries around the Mediterranean sea. Some are more or less chunky, differently flavored.

Aubergines take a fruity “plum” flavor, nothing bizarre at all. You can have it on your breakfast toasts.

Mine is chunky, soft and not overly sweet.

Low-sugar jam :

-cut in cubes 2 whole Japanese aubergines, cover with 4 tbs of sugar, water, a stick of sweet cinnamon and 1/5 ts of alum (optional)*. Heat slightly, make sure everything is dissolved.
-Let a few hours. Re-heat a little and turn the chunks. Let overnight. The next day, the cubes should be all colored.
-Simmer and stir till the aubergine gets the softness you want. Add sugar to taste. Complete with water to bring the liquid to one 1 cup in volume. Add “instant agar powder”, the dose to make jelly for 1/2 cup, bring to boil. Take away the cinnamon.
-Transfer to cleaned jars.
It can be stored a few days in the fridge.

Note : Alum, called “yaki myouban” is sold in any supermarket here in Japan). The alum serves to acidify and retain the blue color. If you don’t use it you can replace by lemon juice. But don’t add acid to the alum or you lose the blue. How I know ? I tried another time.

Dinner on a tray… 3 ideas with goma, daikon and ume.

Behind the daikon radish tsukemono, a plate with kuro-goma bread, ume jam, a few baby okras, autsraembert cheese*, a few seeds of pumpkin and goji berries.

*Clin d’oeil a mes compatriotes :

Comme vous voyez, ils osent tout les Australiens. Ce sympathique fromage a ete intitule cam… , bon, vous avez compris, ca n’y ressemble en rien. Alors, on dira austraembert.

The big radish…

Tsukemono (pickle). 2 ingredients : a daikon, very little natural salt. Cut, salt, wait 30 minutes, rinse in fresh water, squeeze out water…


The Japanese plum is taken green, when it’s still very acid and perfumed. They are good during the rainy season, “the ume rains” in Japanese.
When it’s ripe, it’s watery, less interesting. To make umeboshi (salty ume) and umeshu (ume liquor), the plum must be perfectly green and not bruised anywhere. If they are not fit… they sell them to foreigners for 60 yen (half the price of a small can of soda) for 3 kg.

Ume quick jam.
I pasted a cup of ume and a very ripe kiwi, simmered 5 minutes with 2 tbs of honey. That can be kept a few days in the fridge.

Black sesame.

Surdough bread, with goma cream (black sesame tahini), powdered sesame and sesame seeds added to the dough. It takes a funny concrete color. Taste is very nutty.

Cal 632 F22.8g C81.1g P27.4g