Rising Sun melon-pan

Melon Pan or Sunrise

Caution : cult food !

That’s Hina Matsuri (festival of little girls) in Japan this week-end, so I can get a sweet treat, coz I’m a little girl, just bigger.

If you have never had them, that’s a soft sweet bread roll that has a crunchy rind, unlike a melon… Contrarily to some rumor, they are not melon flavored. Unless they are, in which case they would become “melon melon pan”.

When I came to live in Japan, I put on 200 kilos in the first 3 months because those freaks are sold everywhere. Each baker adds his/her personal touch to the recipe and Osaka has 40 000 bakeries so I had to try the 100 000 variations. Then, when you stop eating them, you will lose the gained weight. But will you be able to stop ?

Total vice : they double as cream pan. They are filled with vanilla custard cream.

Making of :
Sweet roll bread (milk bread here, butter roll is OK), filled with the cream (or not), covered with a layer of cookie/tart dough (pâte Sucrée, flavored with lemon zest and vanilla), rolled in crystal sugar. Etc.

The bad news. This is for ONE little melon :

Cal 394 F16.1g C56.1g P8.2g

A cookie make with the leftover of “melon rind”.

Would you say this one is the melon pan ? or the sunrise ?
The 2 names exist, the 2 shapes exist. Nobody seems to agree. They made some surveys all over Japan to know what % of people called them this or that…

The simplest oat cookie

Preparation : 2 minutes
Cooking : 5 minutes

Ingredients :
35 g of rolled oats
1/2 tbs of dried currants
1 egg white
B (toppings)
5 g of rolled oats
1/2 tbs of dried currants

Reduce the oats and currants of A into powder. Mix to the egg white.
Add the topping currants to the mix. Form 4 cookies on a baking sheet. Cover them with oats.
Bake 5 minutes in the oven-toaster.

C152.1 F3.2g C27.8g P8.2g