Okra green curry


For hot weather, a dish from a hot country : Thai green curry. I’ve loaded it with okras, the hydrating greens that help fight the heat.


Today’s basket is very juicy : okra, green sweet chili peppers, tomatoes, enoki mushrooms


First : carrots, onion, coriander roots, lemon grass, sansho peppercorns…
Then : Thai green curry paste, coconut milk, chicken legs…
Finally : the veggies, a few laurel leaves, and at the end, bits of peeled lemon…


That gives a big volume !


And steamed potatoes. Yes, that should be rice, but I wanted tatoes for their potassium… and well, I wanted to eat them with whatever.



Som tam ripe : sunny papaya salad

The idea was to make a som tam, a Thai green papaya salad with the ingredients I get here.

The drama : that’s the greenest papaya at the local market. Greener are sold much further, in Kobe’s Chinatown for instance. I hoped it was no so advanced in age inside…

Totally yellow. Well, I was hungry. So let’s go for a yellow papaya salad. Really not the same thing.

Nearly a sweet compote. I added lots of sour lemon… in hope.

I think you are not supposed to include the coriander root in this dish, but I love the roots. And that compensated for the deficient papaya.


Japanese dry ami-ebi shrimps. And kamaboko (bought hand-made fish surimi).

That was… totally different. I tried to eat it without comparing. And I really like it.

Green in green and yuba tofu

Wax squash (preboiled), asparagus, zucchini, sweet chili, broccoli, roots and stalks of coriander. Thai green curry paste.

White onion. Yellow lemon. Coconut milk. Grated dry coconut.

Flavorful, bitter, sour and a little sweet too. Very crunchy.
This dish was a real relief from the heat.

That lacked of proteins. A cool tofu was the ideal complement.
It’s yuba tofu. Well regular silky tofu with yuba on top.

That’s yuba (sheets of tofu). I had never the 2 in 1 before.

Added a few drops of sweet almond oil. And nama shoyu (raw soy sauce).