Caramelized onion polentart


A golden version of the pissaladiere, the onion and anchovy tart from Provence.


I add a second polenta tart crust left from when I baked this tarte polenta.
I’ve painted it with olive oil, baked it.


Garnished with onions cooked till brown in the olive oil from a can of anchovies with a little garlic. Garnished the crust. Added red chili and a few anchovy filets. Re-baked briefly. Decorated with green olives and thyme. You can make it without anchovies if you add a little soy sauce to the onions.


Cut when it’s cooled. I eat it at room temperature, and in this season that means warm.


Double corn brunch waffle

Not much effort to prepare this complete meal.
Menu : savory waffles, natto-kimchi, drink salad and coffee jelly.

The particularity is these waffles have a corn bread flavor due to cornmeal batter, and some corn kernels inside…

And also some greens…

That’s a standard (eyeballed into the blender) waffle batter, except it’s half-flour and half-grits (coarse corn meal). Flavored with rosemary, garlic and chili. In the waffle maker, I added : frozen corn kernels, fava beans and raw green bell pepper.

Crusty and golden. Bring kimchi and natto.

A romaine salad getting too soft…into the blender with 1/2 grapefruit, a ts of grass wheat powder. Cinnamon on top. It had a refreshing bitterness.

Prepared the coffee agar jelly the day before. That takes one minute.

Served with veg cream and a little kurozato black sugar.

Let’s try to bake a tamale pie

Autumn weather is arriving and gives appetite for good old baked dishes…
I had never eaten this. It’s a good tex-mex variation of our old polenta. Very tasty.
I saw many recipes of all sorts on the web and totally improvised mine.

The 3 layers :

Under (crockpot) :
olive oil, garlic, onion, ground chicken, azuki beans, hot chili, jalapeno tabasco, tomato flesh, , spices…
Cover (microwave):
corn meal, baking powder, olive oil, salt, cumin seeds, water
Toppings (under broiler) :
cream cheese, cumin seeds, paprika

Cal 673.2 F29.5g C81.5g P24.7g