Crémet à la menthe

Crémet in peppermint coulis.
Les crémets d’Anjou are a minimalist French dairy dessert from Angers, an “English” Medieval castle city in the Ouest of France. Well, it’s more that England started as a suburb of Angers.
Normally the crémets are served with a fruit coulis, but they also love la menthe anglaise (there is a pun lost in translation).

Draining fromage blanc (French unsalted cottage cheese), or by default yogurt… These are honey flavored, very slightly sweetened.

In shapes, refreshed a few hours.

The sauce is made of mint, a little lettuce for more green, milled sesame for volume, a little honey. That’s deliciously refreshing.

Nougat glacé aux noix et au miel

Walnut honey nougat ice-cream.

With raspberry coulis. Sweet and sour. That’s one of my favorite party dessert. I made some for the 13 desserts of Christmas and I had a few servings left. It is ice-cream so it can be stored in the freezer very conveniently.

The classic nougat is made of egg white, honey, roast nuts. This version is a honey Italian meringue, mixed with whipped cream. It is enriched by walnuts bits in caramel, a little Grand-Marnier soaked raisins and mandarin orange peel and grated lemon zest.

Then in the freezer, in a mold.

Crack… the bits of caramel nut stay deliciously crunchy. It really has the honey meringue flavor of nougat. And the citrus hints of Grand-Marnier.

The unsweetened raspberry sauce is a little sour. I didn’t add any sugar, on purpose. That makes a great contrast with the nougat.