Galette des rois aux 8 trésors – 8 treasures in kings’ pie (via GiO)

French Kings day is today. But many people will celebrate next Sunday.
Do you remember this galette :

My galette contains 8 good surprises. The little monkey is la fève, the token…

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Trois petites marquises noires


Marquise noire gourmande

Yield 4 servings as part of a dessert, 2 servings if there is only the marquise and sauce

cocoa mass 40 g
butter 40 g
sugar 5 g
egg yolk (1) 20 g
“creme de framboise”, a raspberry liquor 15 g
egg white (1) 30 g

Make a mousse : Beat egg whites. Melt cocoa, stir in butter, yolks, sugar, liquid, then, incoporate egg whites in 3 times. Pour in mold(s). Freeze 2 hours, then keep in the fridge. Or refrigerate 6 hours.
It tastes better the next day.

The plate is wet with more “creme de framboise”. The powder is sweet potato (Japanese cake ingredient).

Iced. Thick sweet cranberry juice on the plate.

With green tea.

Galette des rois aux 8 trésors – 8 treasures in kings’ pie

For the jour des rois, the day of the Kings, the French custom is to share a galette pie with family, or any group of friends, coworkers, student. A token is hidden inside. The person finding it will the King for a year. King of what ? Er… you have 12 months to find. There are several recipes of galettes des rois, but the pie filled with almond cream/custard is a popular classic. In the recent years, many variations have appeared.
I followed (roughly) the recipe from the blog la cocina de Carolina with a sweet potato basis.
Here you see a coconut one that I found tempting, chez les deux gourmands. That was hard to make a choice, but I had most ingredients for the 1st one in my closet.

My galette contains 8 good surprises. The little monkey is la fève, the token. Fève means fava bean (broad bean) because the original simple version was simply a dry fava bean. Now there are beautiful decorated fèves.


The base is sweet potato. About a pound. I boiled big junks in the microwave, then mashed the flesh into a purée to which I added a good chunk of unsalted butter, an egg yolk, very little sugar.

Kumquats, marrons glacés, chips of black chocolate (100%).

White chocolate, sliced almonds, dry cranberries.

I peeled the kumquat and cut the skin in julienne.

The cranberries are rehydrated in kirsch (cherry liquor). I added them to the potato purée, as well as the other ingredients.

The paste is used to fill 2 circles of home-made feuilletage pie dough.

After being baked (about 40 minutes at 180 degree Celsius) :

No better photos of the whole pie. I took to the place of friends where it was reheated, served hot.

Of course, the little guy is hidden somewhere inside…

Osechi Compilation : Opening the boxes

Osechi Ryori is Japanese good luck food for the NewYear

NB : click on the text not the photos

For more Japanese New Year traditions click here.

Photo menu :

the lacquer box
the Osechi menu 2011
kuri kinton
kuro mame

Osechi 1 : kazu no ko
Osechi 2 : kintoki ninjin and daikon for namasu
Osechi 3 : building a rice paddy
Osechi 4 : kohaku kamaboko fish cakes
Osechi 5 : chicken matsukaze
Osechi 6 : the vegetable box
Osechi 7 : tamago mosaic

omedetai (lucky grilled fish)

Playful leftover

Can you tell what it is ? I like playing with leftover food and completely changing the presentation…

Yep, the airelle (cranberry) sauce.
sauce aux airelles

And I cooked the rest of boudin blanc in sillicone molds.
boudin blanc