No cook crumble, full season flavor


A delicious fruit crumble, fruit crisp if you prefer. Sweetness, fruits, flowers and crunchy cake. And this wonder is ready in 5 minutes. Heaven.

If you want other ideas in the same style :

bananas, chocolate, black sesame almond crisp
Spicy apple crumble


It’s filled with deliciously crisp toki apple and juicy ultra-ripe kaki persimmons.


My baker doesn’t like wasting. Well, he could give them for free, but maybe that’s not convenient. The price is very low. Yes, he sells crumbs. These are some sweet bread crumbs. That’s similar to crumbed digestive biscuits, in tastier.
So that’s ready, but I’m no so lazy. I did hard work :


That took 30 seconds. In the mortar, I reduced to powder some toasted sesame seeds, added the crumbs and pounded slightly to level the big blocks, spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg.


Cut the apple, cover with kaki flesh and then with crumbs.


Add flower petals. Mini chrysanthemum.


Yummy !



Going bananas on black sesame almond crisp

Winter bananas… Meh !
Let’s bury them under ashes.

Just bananas, cocoa mass chips and goji berries. More banana slices on top.

The streusel is made of black sesame milled with oats, a little sugar, sweet almond oil and more oat flakes.
There was a delicious almond smell in the air while that was getting baked.

Too dark for a color photo. The bananas were sweet, the berries full of juice, the chocolate melted, the crumb was crunch and so sweetly nutty. That was yummiful…

Spicy apple crumble

A nice warm dessert perfect to finish wrinkled apples.

Plus a little oil, water, cinnamon and vanilla essence.

I could eat that raw. If you want to lie to yourself, you can shape this as bars and say : “This is health food, protein bars…”. Well, that’s dessert.

The apples are pre-baked with seeds of cardamom.

Chaud devant ! Just out of the oven. Crispy on top, melty under…
Now, excuse me but I’m going to miam miam…