Poulpes au rouge, fugly and yummy.


Local seafood and exotic recipe. Daube de poulpes.
That beast is ugly, sorry. And the daube…it’s a stew that never looks refined.

pork daube

That falls apart, that’s shapeless. Forget.
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ! Stay ! That’s delicious.


Small tako (octopus, poulpes) from the area of Kobe. That’s something you cook extremely briefly or really longly. Today, the slow way…


Slow simmering.


After…hours and lots of red wine later.


It melts in the mouth.


Hot red choc’ chili


A warm sprouted azuki chili with a few twists.


These ingredients give the mood…


I have followed the recipe of bean chili with dark chocolate and walnut, using sprouted azuki I had cooked and frozen. So it’s quick to mix and let simmer.


Sides : A home-made wheat tortilla, toasted. And stir-fried white parts of romaine salad.


Then use the tortilla as a spoon and enjoy :


Carrot soup chicken curry

Another little meal thrown in 5 minutes : I simmered together a broth made of grated carrot, onion and water, chicken legs, curry spices, sweet corn. Later added a green sweet pepper.Served with steamed spinach.

Easy and delicious.

Chicken drumstick takikomi gohan

Another meal prepared in 5 minutes. I used the rice-cooker as a slave and frozen veggies for the side dish.
Usually “takikomi gohan” (rice cooked with stuff) is made with dices of ingredients and served as a side. With whole drumsticks and I got a main dish.

classic takikomi recipe

Chicken, rice, onion, ginseng, red chili, mushrooms. Plus diced broccoli stalks. Seasoning : soy sauce, salt and mirin.

Before and then… With the takikomi program of the rice-cooker.

I had kept aside the broccoli florets and a few decorative shimeji mushrooms. I added them on top and put the cooker on “keep hot mode” a few minutes, just the time to steam them :

Ready !

Triple grain mix : green peas, sweet corn and chick peas. With a goma-dare dressing made of pounded sesame, black rice vinegar, soy sauce, garlic and a little sugar.

Okoge. The best part is in the bottom. It’s caramelised.

21th century potaye – La potaye du 21e siècle (via GiO)


La potée lorraine is a very famous as a dish. From the past…
Potée should be written “potaye” in old Lorraine language (that is now spoken in Heaven and Hell, exclusively). I still say potay’. It means “pot stew”…

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