Salade de crudités updated : veggie nori-maki



Once upon a time, we’d serve the crudités on a large plate, even with the sauce mixed in with each type of vegetable. For guests, Granny would display them on huge (imitation) silver trays.


That looked like that.
Grated carrot, sliced Japanese turnip, sliced new onion, greens, edamame (they have to be boiled).


Then this became popular to make sushi… So why not rolling in the veggies ?


(Do you notice something weird on the photo ? You should… I had a problem after the shooting session. LOL)


And serving the dressing (soy sauce, black rice vinegar and chili pepper) as a dip.


First Frenchy

A compil of French first dishes…

Pâtés et terrines

Pâté means both a meat terrine and a pie. That depends…

patés (meat terrines)
petits pâtés (pies)
coulibiac (fish pie)
mousse de foie aux olives et romarin (liver paste)
terrine de chou-fleur (cauliflower)


Soupes et potages

soupe au chou (cabbage)
gratinée au bouillon de canard (onion)
soupe à l’oignon rouge
soupe au pistou (pesto)
néo-garbure (beans)
gratinée d’avoine (oat)

potage Crécy
potage Choisy
crème de chou fleur (cauliflower)
soupe de champignons (mushrooms)
soupe au cerfeuil (chervil)
crème vert amande

soupe de poisson
potager de poisson
white bean and clam soup
chaudrée de saumon (salmon chowder)


Tartes, quiches, savory cakes

pounti (herb and prune peasant cake)
cake salé au fromage et aux piments
cakes aux fèves et pesto (broad bean pesto cakes)

quiche lorraine
tarte au potiron
flamiche (with leeks)
tarte à l’oignon

tarte aux epinards
tatin tomate
pichade (tomato)
pissaladiere (onion)

quiche poire et bleu
tarte flambée – flammenkuechen (old style quiche)
tarte flambée à la pomme (apple)

soufflé de potimarron
soufflé de fromage et chou-fleur

salades et crudités

salade de tomates
salade niçoise (the real story)
salade de riz Méditerranée (rice)
taboulé rouge
taboulé au safran

poireau vinaigrette (leeks)
salade de lentilles au saumon d’automne (salmon, lentils)
poire, bleu, noix (pear cheese)
dill lime salade composée

salade aux calamars et pois chiches (chick peas)
salad tahitienne (sashimi)
salade composée (poached egg and croutons)

Or you can simply serve eggs :

oeuf mayo
omelette baveuse
oeufs à la coque

Matcha soba, shiso pesto and veg’ freshness…

We’re getting into the days when you want to eat raw, cold, green, light…

Zaru soba is baaack ! It’s green because it’s matcha (green tea) flavored.
Click here for the soba compilation.

They are the perfect complement for :
shiso pesto.

The leaves are called “salad celery”, they have a very mild celery taste, aftertaste… well, they bring mostly color and fibers. The new onions have been salted, let overnight, rinsed. And the pink cubes are watermelon. Lots of crunchiness.

Grilled sardine lunch

Today’s lunch. Fish and pasta. You have surely read a lot about the healthy fat of sardine. But the truth is even if they were junk food I would eat them because that’s one of my favorite fish. I find them delicious.

Shioyaki iwashi. Salt-grilled sardines.


Pasta with boiled greens : peas and spinach.

Only powders to flavor the dish : nutty ground sesame, crunchy sea salt, and hot shichimi togarashi (7 spice mix).

The meal (with 4 sardines) :
Cal 657 F20.3g C75.2g P56.0g

Diner d’automne – Around a carrot soup

When I was a kid, the “diner”, the night meal was often very simple in my family. Like a soup, a salad, bread, cheese.

Soupe de carottes et adzuki

You can hardly make simpler. A good old potage.
A carrot, juiced in the blender with 4 cups of water. A clove of garlic.
Let simmer 1 hour on the lower level of the induction stove.
15 minutes before the end, add cooked azuki beans.
Season simply with salt and pepper. The taste is well balanced and pleasant.

Crudites, sauce yahourt

Raw veggies : salad celery, kaiware daikon (radish sprouts), red paprika.
Yogurt sauce : yogurt, freshly group pepper
The paprika is slighly salted.

Salad celery. The strong celery flavor complete the soup nicely.

Kaiware. These crunchy sprouts have little of the radish’s pungency.

Brie de Meaux et pain fantaisie

This is French brie cheese. Meaux the town, in Parisian suburb where it is produced. There is not the least relation with what is sold as brie in the US.
As you see, the shape… there is none left. I can’t take it out of the package. I was a big wheel of course, and I bought a thin triangle of it. The color. And the smell is powerful to say the least. I took it out for the photo and I had to take it away while I was eating the rest. Of course, “il est fait”, it’s advanced in maturation. Perfect for me. Too much for Japan, so I could get it discounted.