Walnut crust blue sweet potato pie


It’s very a simple and delicious coffee cake. Few ingredients, little process and full flavor.


Purple satsuma imo sweet potato. The potato has already a flavor of almond cream cake, so not much is needed.


I took the flesh of a baked potato, and smashed it with a little coconut cream, a little Grand Marnier liquor and very little sugar. Just mixed.


The crust is walnut, oatmeal, a little sugar, a pinch of salt and very little water, together in the blender. Then put in molds and dried in the oven. Well I should have taken it out before filling…
The taste is really pure walnut


So just fill the crust.


Serve chilled or warm. And enjoy with your coffee.



Autumn colors (1) : Pumpkin crust


A pie crust colored by the golds of Autumn. It’s easy, delicious and you can use it for many recipes or pies, tarts, etc.

The season’s star : kabocha pumpkin. You can use other types of pumpkin, some will be more watery so you will need to add less water.


Kabocha pumpkin crust : 1/3 boiled pumpkin flesh, 1/3 flour, 1/3 whole wheat flour. Plus a little baling powder, salt and enough of the squash cooking water to for a dough.
It’s not very solid when raw, so spread it on a silpat or a plastic film.

That gives the neutral version for both sweet and savory pies, but you can add sugar or salt and spices too.


Then I baked them at 160 degrees, about 30 minutes.


A dessert version, very lazy. I’ve garnished with coconut cream, walnuts, unsweetened chocolate (100% cocoa mass), cinnamon. The only “sugar” is a minced prune.


Yamamomo on the pie, when strawberries grow on trees…


It’s a second version of the Japanese flavor pie. I have added yamamomo a season fruit.


So this is the beast. The “Chinese strawberries”. They grow on trees, particularly in Shikoku islands. In Japanese, they are called 山桃 yamamomo (mountain peaches). Even though it’s a very ancient Japanese fruit, it’s not so common on markets these days. I’m glad when I can get some.

2013-06-113 pie base here


Then place a few yamamomo (the greenest, not so good to eat raw) and the filling and a little cane sugar on each.Bake.


Coat with raspberry jelly. Let cool.


Like the basic pie, it’s delicious served chilled.


A Japanese flavor pie




So that’s this month’s Daring Baker’s challenge.

Rachael from pizzarossa was our lovely June 2013 Daring Bakers’ host and she had us whipping up delicious pies in our kitchens! Cream pies, fruit pies, chocolate pies, even crack pies! There’s nothing like pie!

You’ll see 2 more soon :
DSC04027-001yamamomo pie
DSC05410-001crostata with ume plum jam
DSC03676-001no bake cherry cream pie

I have used local ingredients. We have not so many fruits that do well in pies in Japan, buy sweet potatoes are ideal.


栗黄金 kurikogane (chestnut yellow gold sweet potato)

The baked potato becomes colorful.

Yuzu, the Japanese aromatic citrus.


As the potato is naturally very sweet, no added sugar here. I approximated the amounts for the dough.


I’ve prepared it like a flaky pie dough.


Flowers instead of a top or a net.


Kiwi nutty tartelette

Nothing better than a dessert full of vitamins. A kiwi tartelette is always beautiful. Do you remember this one :

kiwi haupia pie

Instead of haupia, I’ve used a leftover of two nut cream :

I’ve received a new batch of Osaka kiwi. They are very sweet.

A pre-baked oatmeal crust, the nut cream and after baking, fresh kiwi slices.

Not much effort to get such a gorgeous dessert.