Tarte alsacienne à la fraise et à la myrtille (double berry cake)


It’s a cousin from Lorraine’s tarte au sucre (here). A little more elaborated. Both are nice, that depends if you’re looking for simplicity or something more cake-like.


Strawberries (fraises) and blueberries (myrtilles) are garnishing it. Frozen fruits do the trick perfectly.


And there is some streusel on top.


Cabbage, apples, marron, pork…

Let’s eat it, the Alsatian cabbage.

In company of pork filet slowly cooked in butter with a little cinnamon, nutmeg, salt, with caramelised apples (after adding apple vinegar, cream and a little sugar in the pan).

Cabbage, and…

…apples, and …

filet mignon de porc à la moutarde au miel et pain d’épices.
Don’t worry, that just means the mustard on the pork is flavored with honey and ginger bread. Most people in the world seem to know the city of Dijon for its mustard, but its other specialty is ginger bread.
It’s a good flavored mustard, ideal for this season. I think you can recreate it by adding honey and powdered ginger bread to traditional mustard.

Making Alsatian apple cabbage

Cal 589 F15.0g C82.0g P31.3g

the scarlet dance of Alsatian cabbage

When a red cabbage meets a red apple, they start dancing…

Ball gown…




After a hot bath (in vinegared water), they go to bed, with fried onion and red wine.

You’ve slept long hours (in the oven). It’s time get up… and show your jewels (chestnuts).

Chou rouge aux pommes et marrons – Rotkrut mit Epfel un Keschte
Adapted from L’inventaire du Patrimoine Culinaire Francais, Alsace

A precious mouthful :