Bochan kabocha, Thai style (via gourmande in Osaka)

It’s time to steam your pumpkins… LY

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…. And cut in wedges. Everything can be eaten together, the custard, the orange pumpkin flesh and the green skin.

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Or savory :

Okowa, kuri-gohan in kabocha pumpkin

Thailand street banana roti, with coconut

The Thai decadent dessert… I tried to make one. And I’m happy with the result. Yuuuuummyy !

Ingredients in Thailand :
Flour (all purpose) and water for the dough,
Thai banana,
Peanut oil,
Thai peanut butter,
Condensed milk.

Gourmande kitchen’s version :
Flour (all purpose) and water for the dough,
T(h)aiwan banana,
White sesame oil,
Neri goma (pasted sesame),
Unsweetened coconut milk
Dry coconut shreds (fried a few with the roti)

Prepare the dough in advance, let it sit, kneed, oil the balls, let them sit. Then do like on the video :

2 small roti (yep, that makes you a meal…)

Cal 584.1 F36.2g C64.0g P7.7g

Thai pumpkin custard

Bochan kabocha, Thai style

Bochan kabocha, little boy pumpkin…
The Japanese name “kabocha” meant Cambodge, Kampuchea, well they could repeat it, because that plant probably came from there. Of course, it’s also popular in Thailand where they prepare custard in steamed pumpkins. This way, with my little personal adaptations…

Empty the squash, let about 1 cm of flesh.

Prepare custard with egg, coconut cream and brown sugar (Okinawa’s kurozato). The “cream” can be obtained by opening a can of coconut milk, and letting it a few hours in the fridge. The cream will float above the liquid. I put about 1/2 cream, 1/2 eggs.

Place the kabocha in a steam basket, on a sauce-pan of water. I put a few more blocks of sugar in it. You will see it on the next photo, the sugar will melt into a syrup/caramel.

Steam 20 to 40 minutes, till the kabocha’s flesh is soft and the custard solid.

When it’s cool, refrigerate a few hours.

And cut in wedges. Everything can be eaten together, the custard, the orange pumpkin flesh and the green skin.

The rest of custard was cooked in micro-wave. That doesn’t make a regular shaped pudding as you see. You can probably do it in a classical oven, by immersing the kabocha in a dish of hot water.

Green fish curry and green asparagus sudachi-lemon bifun rice noodles

That makes a long title, for a quite simple lunch.

Fish green curry, made with Thai green curry paste, coconut milk, “head and bones” of a tai Japanese snapper. I mean they take away the filets for sashimi and the rest of the fish is sold separately for that sort of dish, there is plenty to eat around the bones.
Vegetables are galangal, lemon grass, stalks of ginger, new onion, chili, green pepper bells. 2 small sudachi lemons. Herbs are bay leaves, basil and green leek. A little fish sauce.

Sudachi and green asparagus bifun.
Green asparagus chopped, boiled in very little water. This water is used to hydrate the rice noodles. Asparagus and noodles are season with sudachi lemon juice.

Cal 631.8 F20.6g C88.3g P30.5g