Cumin lamb chop and kujo negi, Chinese style


Another way to serve a lamb chop. A fun quick lunch.


Pan-fried with sesame oil and cumin seeds.

I had a few fresh Kujo negi, Kyoto leeks.


The tender part of greens.


The white part is cut into angel’s hair.


The sauce : Chinese black miso, a little gochujang and powdered cumin.


I didn’t make them. I bought ready to use Chinese Spring roll wraps, warmed them in the steamer.


That’s served : Take a crepe, put veggies, meat and sauce on it, roll and eat immediately.



Pattzukis and basil argan oil zucchini



A 2 dish casual lunch : pattzukis (azuki bean patties) and zucchini.


Boiled azuki beans are the base.


I mashed them with a fork, added ajowan, cumin, dochi (Chinese fermented beans), garlic, hot chili, salt, fresh thyme and potato starch. Pan-fried.


Served them topped with cumin, with grated cabbage as a side, and a dressing :


Dressing : basil, sesame seeds, a little garlic, salt, argan oil, sudachi lime juice, water.


Grated a zucchini, patted with sea salt, added cut basil leaves and ground coriander seeds. I’ve let about 1/2 hour.


Then added argan oil.




Nuts, herbs and spices, that’s dukka


I had never heard about this product. Originally from Egypt, dukka (duqqa) is a kind of spice mix used in Middle-Eastern cuisines. The quickest way to taste it was to make mine. That’s without warranty of having the authentic flavor but that doesn’t matter as long as it’s good. Some day I’ll go there to taste the original.


Spices : black pepper, coriander seeds, raw sea salt, dry mint.
“Nuts” : sesame seeds, walnut, cashew nut.
I roasted them in 2 batches. I’ve added cumin powder and paprika powder. And in a mortar, ground finely the spices and more coarsely the nuts.


Boiled chick peas were waiting to become hummus. I’ve added garlic, a little yuzu juice, olive oil on top.


I eat it as a dip for veggie sticks (red bell pepper and cucumbers).


Cinco de burrito, and baked veggies


It seems the Cinco de Mayo, 5/5 on the calendar is the day when the Mexicans eat Mexican food. So I want some too.


So here is the menu : burritos colorados (in red sauce), 3 baked veggies. That’s how I imagine Mexican food.


I made these burritos from scratches. Home-made tortillas, strips of chicken grilled after being marinated in lemon juice, powdered jalapeno, salt and parsley, dices of avocado, parsley, onion…


Covered with a spicy tomato sauce. With soy yogurt, cabbage, avocado dices.


Nagai togarashi, they are local green sweet peppers.
I’ve filled them with sakekasu (sake lees) mixed with minced onion, paprika, turmeric, salt, a little olive oil and lots of cumin.


Baked !


栗黄金 kurikogane (chestnut yellow gold potato) is the princess of sweet potatoes. It is cultivated in Kagoshima, Kyushu. It’s very sweet and flavorful. They make high quality shochu liquor with it.


After being baked. I’ve also baked classic potatoes.



Black bean shiso baked empanadas

A satisfying savory snack.

The dough : flour, oil, water, a pinch of salt
The filling : boiled kuromame back beans (half mashed, half whole), black sesame seeds, some bean cooking broth mixed with potato starch, minced garlic, salt, cumin, nutmeg, chili paste. To each I added a shredded shiso leaf.

I painted them with oil, sprinkled paprika and baked about 15 minutes in the oven-toaster (till they make a empty sound when you tick them).

Enjoy them hot with more shiso leaves.

Purple beans, Mexican wind.

Today’s bean lunch takes us to Mexiiiico ! I feel so much warmer after eating this.

I’ve added spices, cumin, nutmeg, powdered jalapeno, and a diced carrot to boiled azuki beans (I restocked big time : soaked and cooked 1 kg !). The salsa is from a jar.

I’ve got this huge leafy Chinese cabbage.

The outer greens slightly steamed as a hot salad.

Yuzu guacamole, just yuzu juice and avocado. That’s enough, fragrant, sour, silky. That makes one creamy topping. The other is yogurt.

A full meal, ready in 5 minutes. Hot and spicy.

Relax bean day

As you notice, I am not special-tarian of any type, but I eat beans very often. I try to include 2 servings a day in my meals, to get more veg’ proteins and for the minerals. That’s also economic and ecologic…unless you buy cans of beans. I prefer buying, fresh beans in season, frozen fresh beans all year and dry beans. That’s not a big deal to cook them.

Mung beans, soaked overnight. I rinse and soak in clear water. I don’t add baking soda with local water. You can add some if you find your beans are particularly long to get soaked.
Then I cook them in the rice cooker. Same program as rice, double of water. I can’t do that with all types of beans, but these are small and easy to cook. No worries they stay under-cooked and toxic.

I boil the chick peas in a pan, a few minutes brief boil, than low heat till they are soft. I discard the foam. I fill silicon muffin trays of each type of bean, freeze, get out the small block. That makes me a stock of ready to use beans.

Then it’s easy to reheat : mung beans, chick peas, onion, napa cabbage, carrot, tomato paste, chili and cumin. And add a few snow peas. Yummy !