Lunette vanillée, vanilla cream spectacles

Sunglasses are for sunny days. On rainy days, eat rainglasses that will make you see the day in a shiny light…

I adored the lunette (glasses) when I was a kid. The local bakers all made it. Simple and delicious. I’m surprised it’s so rare over the world.

Super creamy. If you like pastéis de nata , pastel de nata, you can only love this too.

In the oven.

It’s simple : take left-over bits of croissant dough. Shape them in a long cord. Make a 8. Fill the holes with vanilla custard cream. Sugar on top. Bake.

Yummy ! I’ll make them again.

In the same family :
flan boulanger

Eternel fraisier

Voila !
It’s not the season, but freezers make strawberries available year round. They don’t look so nice on the sides. But it’s really good !

It’s this month Daring Baker’s Challenge.
Jana of Cherry Tea Cakes was our July Daring Bakers’ host and she challenges us to make Fresh Frasiers.

Freshly baked genoise cake.
Click for my recipe (very simple).

It was easy to slice it in 2 and punch with a mix of water and raspberry liquor.

Closer ?

Here you are. The cream is creme mousseline :
standard custard creme patissiere (milk, egg, sugar, vanilla, cornstarch) + unsalted butter (softened with fork).
Proportion is 2:1.

Homely apricot tartelette

No fuss.
I will always favor the humble home-made desserts to the extravagant creations of haute patisserie. Even when they don’t look good like here, they have more soul.

Crust made of flour, rice bran, water and white sesame oil. Baked separately.

I had a left-over of vanilla custard cream. I added a few drops of bitter almond essence.

Add the apricots that macerated one hour in yellow can sugar and Chinese apricot liquor.

Oh that doesn’t look pro. The cream overflowed. That even leaked when I poured the juice from the apricots on top.
So what ? I’m going to sell it. It’s already eaten, plate was licked clean. Mmmm !

Bouchées doubles : two bites of dessert, fruit, pie and cream

Maybe food blog readers love desserts too much… Sweets are the most visited pages, the most “browsed” food.

You can have many dessert this week because it’s Easter. I could fill this blog with sweets mostly. That wouldn’t be honest. I don’t want them to appear more frequently here than they should on my table.
Many people want to read that it’s possible to eat decadent cakes and sweets everyday and it will be healthy. I’d want that too. That’s not really the case.

Let’s devour them for occasions.
Small bites of dessert are a lesser evil. Fruits are healthy.

It’s a small nest of home-made pie sheet, with a little cane sugar on top and a stawberry.

Very milky crème anglaise, flavored with vanilla sugar and a little grated lemon peel. It’s like as I use “concentrated” skim milk, and a little starch to add thickness (there is a small egg yolk).

Caissettes amandines

Funny small sweets in paper cups.
The classical tartelette amandine has a cup make of sable cookie, and is garnished with jam under and jelly over. Well the truth is classical were not as fit, slim and beautiful as us. We can’t have that everyday.

Fruits replace the jam. Fresh kaki (persimmon) and frozen blueberries.

The frangipane presented here :

Frangipane fragrance

I added a little sugar. A little butter on top too. I trusted my oven to bake them, and that was not the best idea (less hot would have been better). But that’s good !
I froze most, so I have a stock of small desserts or sweets for me or vistors.