Burning strawberry dew


That’s a fierce cocktail that will wake up your spirits and digestive system.


Only 3 ingredients. The red carrot has a sweeter taste than the orange ones.


As you can see that’s between a juice and smoothie. I’ve used the strawberries still frozen. The texture and taste were perfect.


Fresh e-dill, green coolness



Let’s be reasonable during 5 minutes. Here is today’s green juice. It feels FREEEEESSSHHH ! I’ve had it for 3 days in a row, so I have to introduce you to my green idyll…


Cucumbers are very juice. The outer leaves of a romaine salad are very green. And dill is sweet !


The emerald juice.


The dry grounds. I don’t like throwing them away, so you will them in a recipe soon.


wrapping fresh veggies

A quick lunch. It’s cold but I was craving for raw freshness, vegetables, not fruits. So let’s go…

Home-made tortillas, just flour and olive oil, a little salt and lots of black pepper this time.

Kabu, Japanese turnips are delicious raw or in pickles. Here, just cut.

Shungiku, chrysanthemum leaves, the long type.

More green.

Yep, commercial sweet chili sauce. I’m lazy.

Just wrap. Oh, I made hot green tea. I felt good eating a pair of these.

Purple velvet crème and toficotta

It’s pretty no ? And it’s equally delicious. I had seen this Crema di cavolo viola (red cabbage soup), garnished with feta. That’s my version with tofu.

The main ingredients, red cabbage, onion and silky tofu. The veggies are boiled together and blended in a creamy soup. The stalk of cabbage gives texture.
Plus some herbs, pepper, chili and olive oil…

Velvetccino ? That made a lot of foam when I passed the soup in the blender.

Under, there was this smooth velouté (velvety soup).

I’d have preferred feta, but I had none. I simply broke the tofu and flavored with salt, olive oil, black and pink pepper, chili…

Sour fragrances for a daizu bean soup

This soup looks very ordinary, but under the flat appearance it’s a bunch of raw spices and nutty touches. It’s nutritive and surely detoxing as the ingredients are all very healthy.

Soybeans, called daizu in Japanese. They are dry. They are the ingredient to make tofu, natto and other soy products. This time I soaked them longly and boiled to eat them as a vegetable. They are a source plant based proteins.

Cooked. The skin go away on this photo because I froze them and thawed a bit quickly.

Sobacha (buckwheat tea) is made of broken and roast buckwheat kernels. It’s a delicious caffeine-free drink.

I keep the grounds after infusion. As you can see they take lots of volume and become soft. Of course, and I eat them. It’s a pleasant nutty grain, a bit too strong on its own. So let mix that in.

Diced ginger. It’s excellent for digestion.

Frozen sancho peppercorns(Sichuan pepper). It has a sour and fragrant power not unlike ginger. Both go well together. I’ve mixed all the ingredient listed, added water and reheated, then I’ve diluted a tbs of miso and blended in a 3 tbs of ground freshly roast sesame.

Warmth from the plate, mmmm…