Fresh e-dill, green coolness



Let’s be reasonable during 5 minutes. Here is today’s green juice. It feels FREEEEESSSHHH ! I’ve had it for 3 days in a row, so I have to introduce you to my green idyll…


Cucumbers are very juice. The outer leaves of a romaine salad are very green. And dill is sweet !


The emerald juice.


The dry grounds. I don’t like throwing them away, so you will them in a recipe soon.


Springtime kneppes, sweet green dumplings and sour white sauce



A dish of contrasts. I was thinking that green kneppes would be nice. The addition of peas makes them sweet, so a sour sauce reveals them.


Blanched peas, mashed with a fork, flour, water, salt and wuxi (5 spice mix). Boiled.


For the sauce, salted new onions, later mixed with minced dill, sour yogurt (at room temperature), coriander seed, pepper, nutmeg. You can use a plant based yogurt.


Coat the very hot kneppes with the sauce and serve immediately.


Savory dill waffles


I’m still surfing on the dill wave… I really bought a lot but that’s not a problem. 5 minutes to throw a green brunch :


The batter is juiced dill, flour, baking powder, salt and oats.


Cook in the waffle machine. You don’t make simpler.


Served with cotton tofu and sesame.


Tiger stew

They are called toramame (tiger beans) for obvious reasons. I’ve used them to make a very simple cassoulet/baked bean dish.

They become a little darker when they cook. After soaking the bean overnight, I’ve refried cut onions, garlic, laurel leaves in olive oil, added the beans, water and let simmer on the stove till beans got tender.

Then I’ve passed the broth and a few beans in the blender, added salt and pepper. Covered the beans and baked till it formed a crust.

Ginger pickle, cabbage, turnip and dill salad as a side.

On top, cut parlsey, coarse salt, olive oil.

Yummy !

Quickie : dill rieska

A few tbs of buckwheat flour, as much of flour, baking powder eyeballed, salt, a pinch of sugar, grated yuzu citrus peel. Mix well. I’ve added cut dill and made these rieska style Nordic pancakes :

The mix of flavor of yuzu and dill is delicious. That makes a great brunch item with a good cup of wulong tea.