Sakura baked donuts


Let’s have a cherry blossom tea time to call the Spring.


They are made like these (click here) but flavored by pasted frozen cherry. I’ve let the “bottom” to fill with cream.


It’s whipped coconut cream, well sweetened. I’ve added petals of pickled cherry blossom that I’ve rinsed (more here).


I just filled the donuts with cream.


Serve with green tea, under the cherry bloss… er, the rain. But close your eyes :


These blossoms (plum ?) are nice too. The white ones will come soon.


Calling the Spring with a green tempura

Japanese tempura would be related to Christian Lent. That sound weird but it seems the dish appeared when the Portuguese Jesuits visited the reclusive Japan of 16th century and brought many new things. The habit of frying food in batter is one of them. Particularly, the missionaries would do donuts for the Carnival preceding tempora (Lent in kitchen Latin), so the Japanese associated fried food and the word tempora, tempura~whatever and it became tempura. Maybe.

Greens. Fresh herbs and veggies.

Fried into tempura.
It’s totally plant-based as it’s a simple eggless tempura batter. The batter is flour, ice cold water and tempura baking powder that I bought. It is like ordinary BP with turmeric added for the color.

tempura tutorial

The freshly made tempura are excellent dipped in tsuyu (dashi broth, soy sauce and a little mirin, reheated together). I add chili pepper to mine.

It’s tsubomina (click here to read about this veggie).

Broccoli leaf.

The leaves of broccoli are excellent, don’t throw them away. That’s what you’d lose :

All herbs can be fried in small bunches. Dill.



Vanilla baked donuts and hot chocolate

It’s the time of my petit goûter. I want a chocolat chaud and some soft cakes.

Donuts like these, but flavored with kurozato black sugar and lots of vanilla powder.

They are very tender.

Lots of pure cocoa and a little hot water.

Plus a little foamed milk.

Baked matcha donuts with silky mocha

Sweet time. In Winter in Spain, they serve their churros with a thick chocolate. That was the idea. My drink is a mocha, with coffee in it. And I baked matcha green tea donuts. Both are very quick and simple to make, vegan, dairy free and more important : warm and yummy !

Matcha baked donuts :
A cup of flour, baking powder, 2 tbs of sweetened green tea powder, a generous drip of olive oil, water… Baked at 120 degrees C, till they get firm on the top. They stay very soft

You see them naked on the right. On the left, when warm, I painted them with olive oil and shook in a bag with a ts of tea powder.

A real donut texture, rich, moist, soft, sweet. The green teea sweetness is very pleasant and a perfect companion for dark chocolate.

Silky mocha. Coffee, lots of pure cocoa powder, potato starch, a few seconds in the micro-wave… It gets silky. Creamy. Well I nearly had pudding.

Let’s dip in the donuts…

Black sata andagi (Okinawan donuts)

Sata andagi

Today they are flavor with Okinawan sugar… which is just normal for an Okinawan sweet. Kurozato means black sugar. It is unrefined cane sugar. It susally comes in irregular blocks but we can buy it powdered too. That’s convenient as grinding the blocks is very hard, so for the recipes that don’t require melting the sugar it’s tough.

I really like it. The taste is old fashioned. Well, it has something spicy like molasses. It’s much more flavorful than the white sugar. And they say it’s healthier. Okinawa is full of centenarians, so maybe…

The batter (recipe here)

Plus a big spoon of kurozato black sugar.

Frying till they get dark brown.

Crispy outside, inside they are like a cake.

Black sugar ? So you need black tea. Enjoy with Puer cha.