Deflated. The persimmon curtain, 2 months later

A little refill of color and vitamin C in the middl… , let’s two-third of Winter.

Do you remember this post ? I had hung a few kaki (Japanese persimmons) on my balcony. Read why/how here.

That was a kaki on December 12th. Totally smooth and young.
After 2 months under the intense… ahem, luminous Winter sun, without wearing sunscreen or even a hat :


I was just kidding. We should learn to see the true beauty in fruits. And in people too. Persimmons age gracefully. Look what class, what character it has now !
So that took 2 months…I have nearly waited. The good thing is the crows did not come to devour them.

Fibers in a creamy and syrupy sauce. It’s extremely sweet, flavorful and cool… That comes from outside.

The skin can be broken with a spoon. They are no ripe yet. Let’s wait a little more. That takes time.

The hanging of a bad kaki (making a persimmon rope)

This afternoon, I’ve hung my kakis (persimmons). They were bad, so the jury has ruled : death penalty. Why were they bad ? Because they are shibui kaki, the meanies. Other kakis are now delicious and sweet. These are acid and bland.

Cheap yeah… and not edible. People should have let them longer on the trees, till it freezes.

Well at least, they have let a bit of the branch attached to each fruit.

So I’ve tied 4 per rope. And I can hang them outside. It’s as if they were still on the tree.

My neighbors have cut the whole branch, and they let it in the windy entrance all. That’s the traditional way to dry and prepare those fruits.

As you can see theirs are getting wrinkles, which means they have started to dry. They will be good in a while and I’ll go and steal them to enjoy around New Year maybe… That wouldn’t be nice. I have mines. I will tell you later. Well, I hope. I have the feeling that my neighbors’ kakis are perfectly safe in the ideal place, while mines, ahem, I hope the balcony beasts won’t target them.

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