Five small dishes, J-mood

An easy Japanese meal, quickly prepared. Well, you need rice. I trust the rice cooker.

This block looks like pumice. It’s hard… It’s koya-dofu. The freeze-dry tofu of the monks of Mount Koya near Nara. It’s a religious mountain town that is now to Buddhism was Disneyland is to … er, culture ? Well, a few generation ago, people living there used to follow a strict Shojin that was 99% vegan (exception of a little fish stock) and they invented many vegan dishes.
Re-hydrated, that looks like a sponge with a light milky flavor. I cooked in dashi stock, with shiitake mushrooms and carrots, plus a little soy sauce and mirin, so it absorbed all the flavors.

The dashi was then recycled in soup with a few leaves of shungiku (young chrysanthemum).

This bowl was the leftover of my yuzu-kosho kimizu. So :

Snappy beans and shrimps in kimizu-ae (kimizu sauce dressing).
There are many variations of kimizu-ae for veggies, seafood, etc. If you ask your browser you can see a few : click here.

A kaki (persimmon) for dessert. That looks like a tomato, but no comparison. What the photo doesn’t show is this kaki is super sluggish. For a tomato, that would mean it tastes of water. For a persimmon, on the contrary, it’s usually a sign it’s very sweet and syrupy inside. A real treat !

Sushi bento dinner (via GiO)


As you can see, in eating order :
shrimp nigiri (hand formed),ikura (salmon eggs/roe) and cucumber “war boats”, gunkan-maki , hoso-maki of shrimps and shiso leaves…

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For happiness this year, eat a sushi South South East

The skies tell you how to fill the 恵方巻 (ehomaki) horoscope sushi… This year is South South East. So take your compass and stand in that direction.

And eat the sushi in one sitting…well standing. In one piece, without making any pause.

Hey, I cut mine ? I am not superstitious. I don’t want to stuff my face. It’s huge.One roll contains 2 rice servings for me, and I don’t eat so much (my cold-flue-plague is ending… slowly). That nearly made all my food today.

Of course, they sell them at every corner of street today. I went down to the kombini (convenience store) to get the shiso, cucumber and koyadofu and the shopkeeper was yelling “What about a ehomaki ? Don’t you… ? “. And seeing my basket : “Oh I see, you don’t ours…”. She had a box of may 500 rolls at her side. They didn’t look good.

You can order some from sushi shops, department stores, supermarkets. They look nice. Prices are… comfortable, for the sellers. This is an ad from a local supermarket :

Then I don’t know what South South East food is. I copy some of their ideas :

Seafood maki :
Shiso, ikura (salmon roe), salmon, tamago (egg), anago (conger), shrimp, maguro (tuna shashimi), negi maguro (tuna fat and negi leeks), ama-ebi (Nordic shrimps sashimi), cucumber, shishamo smelt roe.

Ehomaki, horoscope maki :

obaro (simmered minced flesh), eggs, crab surimi, Koyadofu, cucumber, shrimp, kampyo, carrot, burdock, shiitake.

Salad maki (cheaper variation ) :

Lettuce, shishamo smelt roe, amaebi (Nordic shrimps sashimi), crab flavored surimi, egg spread, shrimp, salmon, cucumber, tuna-mayonnaise

The white is koyadofu (Koya Tofu, freeze dry tofu, rehydrated with the shiitake)
The yellow is tamago. It’s tamago-yaki (Japanese omelet).

Shiso, perilla.

Shiitake mushrooms (dried, rehydrated and cooked in soy sauce and mirin).

Sashimi of salmon, tuna, yellowtail and tai.

Cucumber and kampyo (rehydrated and cooked with the shiitake).

Tarako salted cod fish roe that I made a few days ago.

A freshly boiled shrimp.

I layered everything.
Et voila !

So men became new men… gni ?

No, this blog has not changed of monomania. You are at the Osaka nooddlivore circle. It’s about somen and niumen (pronounced ni -oo- men), 2 names for Japanese vermicelli.

In Summer, they were somen, click here to see that post.

In Summer, they are served chilled, even in iced water, as そうめん somen. The same noodles, served in a hot soup are にうめんniumen and the name would be a contraction of “ni(-ru” (cooking) and “soumen”. I’m not sure of that.
Well, niumen often make a simple light supper. They are said to be easy to digest.

Boiled *men*.

Kakinoki-take (persimmon tree mushrooms)

Fresh shrimps, boiled. Add ginger, chili pepper and sudachi lemon to the boiling broth of shrimps and mushrooms. Serve with a bouquet of chervil.

Sushi bento dinner

As you can see, in eating order :
shrimp nigiri (hand formed),

ikura (salmon eggs/roe) and cucumber “war boats”, gunkan-maki

hoso-maki of shrimps and shiso leaves.

The rice is brown + mochigome (sticky rice), cooked with kombu seaweed. The “su” is black rice vinegar, plus sudachi lemon juice. I just added a little salt. The rice was not so great, I put too much sticky rice to shape it nicely.

The reason for serving wasabi on the side is… I forgot including it. Well not great shape. I’m not read to open my sushi bar. Anyway, in Japan it’s not a job for women, our hands would too warm, we would only good at making onigiri.

It’s not a “lunch box”, it’s a bento (box) to eat at home.

Cal 445.5 F7.2g C77.5g P33.7g