Pâtes fraîches au fromage frais (milk curd pasta)



Pâtes fraîches au fromage frais. Fresh cheese on fresh pasta.


That’s being made…


I’ve curded some whole milk with a little rice vinegar. That’s not exactly cheese, but that’s close enough.


The liquid makes a nice sour drink.


The curd seasoned with salt, pepper, olive oil, onion, tarragon, parsley and marjoram. Let the flavors mix during 2 hours in the fridge.


Shiruna (chard or beet greens).




Then, freshly made egg spaghetti, in tomato sauce :


Serve the pasta topped with fresh curds, the greens as a side…


Fish and spinach lasagna disguised in accordion

What’s your costume for carnival ? I put a white toque and I pretend to be a chef.
And let me introduce you accordion lasagana. The idea was to fold a long lasagna instead of superposing square ones. That’s the ultimate fun comfort food.

Like this, with sauce in the folds.

A long sheet of egg pasta.

Cod fish and small spinach.

I’d added the diced fish to a chunky and cream tomato sauce.

Folded in spinach and sauce, and baked.

That’s what is like : some bits of pasta become crispy.

Raw turnip and goya as sides.

Avec des kneppes

These USPO (unidentified shape pasta objects) are kneppes (some say kneffes, kneppfle, knodels, gnocchi…). They are one of the preferred veggies in Lorraine, perfect to go with a dish in sauce.

For another way to serve them, click here : kneppes aux croutons

That’s just about dropping pasta dough in water, then refrying…
Do you want grandma’s recipe ? What recipe ? Seriously, she’d say “Let’s make the kneppes…” and just mixed stuff. That’s easy. In mines, I put flour, egg, water, that’s sure. Then either cream, butter and milk, or a leftover of mashed potatoes. Today that was a tbs of cream cheese. A little nutmeg and black pepper.

Then serve with a dish in sauce.

I made a stir-fry with chicken gizzards.

The sauce is oyster sauce based.

A big mizuna salad.

Golden pasta, goya and avocanaise

To celebrate the first goya (bitter squash) of the season, a green pasta dish.

Fresh egg spaghetti colored with turmeric.

With mizuna leaves.

Avocado, rice vinegar, water and negi leeks in the blender, that gave a sauce with a consistency of mayonnaise.

What about calling it avocanaise ?

To reduce goya‘s bitterness : cut out the green part. Slice thinly. Put lots of salt. Let 15 minutes. Rince well. Eat raw or cooked as you like.

Here, stir-fried with eringi mushrooms.

The pasta is deliciously coated in the creamy sauce. Mummmmm !

Fettuccine con melanzane

Pasta !

First, something has to simmer a while.
A tomato sauce, with white beans, garlic, chili pepper and onion. Flavored with rosemary, anchovies and olives.

At the end, a little pasted basil is added on top.

Miniature aubergines. They are often used here to make pickles. The apple is on the photo to show the size.

Steamed, oiled, baked !

That’s my prefered topping !

Home-made egg and flour fettucine. I do it the easy way. Break an egg, add in flour. Mix grossly. Wait 15 minutes. Mix well. Pass in the machine. Cook.