Okra green curry


For hot weather, a dish from a hot country : Thai green curry. I’ve loaded it with okras, the hydrating greens that help fight the heat.


Today’s basket is very juicy : okra, green sweet chili peppers, tomatoes, enoki mushrooms


First : carrots, onion, coriander roots, lemon grass, sansho peppercorns…
Then : Thai green curry paste, coconut milk, chicken legs…
Finally : the veggies, a few laurel leaves, and at the end, bits of peeled lemon…


That gives a big volume !


And steamed potatoes. Yes, that should be rice, but I wanted tatoes for their potassium… and well, I wanted to eat them with whatever.



Butakimchi nabe, spicy Japanese steamboat


A meaty nabe today. As previously, I only show the preparation for the night time hot pot. Buta is pork, and kimchi well, there is some in it :


That spice pickle will flavor the broth. I add miso and raw ginger too. That will even be too spicy and salty, so some more neutral ingredients are necessary for balance.


Konnyaku, made from some kind of root veggie. It has nearly no calories, and no flavor but the texture in the hot soup is very pleasant.


Enoki are not full of flavor either. They soak the soup and bring some texture.


Chrysanthemum greens, they have some sourness like aragula.


The meat. It’s pork sliced very thinly. The amount seems important, but that’s only 100 grams.


So everything is ready… curtain.

Post-scriptum : miam miam miam…


Sansai. Japanese mountain vegetables in a meal

Here is the meal that completes the black tofu and agedashi taro in the previous post.

Let’s talk a little about 山菜 sansai mean litterally mountain vegetables. That’s a generic name for many plants wild or cultivated in small amounts that are used in Japan, but also in Korea and China. The hermit Buddhist monks were counting on them to diversify their dishes, and they are often used in the shojin ryori (monk fasting meals) and kaiseki ryori (refined meal before tea ceremony). You can go and gather yours if you live in the countryside. I’m not sure that what I’d pick up near Osaka would be edible particularly with the current level of air pollution. So I usually find mines in the store, and they are cultivated.
There is no complete list of the varieties of sansai. It’s whatever you can eat.  

I had a mix containing nameko (orange mushrooms), enoki (white long mushrooms), warabi (in green, it’s fern sprouts), zenmai (in brown), small takenoko (bamboo sprouts, slices), kikurage (in dark brown, wood ear mushrooms). And I had renkon (lotus root).

They were boiled. So I rinsed and reheated them with dashi (fish broth), a little mirin and soy sauce.

Grilled komochi shishamo fish, with yuzu-kosho citrus pepper condiment.

Pastel salad : cabbage, kabu turnip and vinegar pickled ginger.

And genmai (brown rice). Well, that makes a nice Japanese meal. That’s not so long to prepare as the tofu was made in advance, the rice is done in the cooker, the veggies were pre-cooked.

Negi-yaki with black and white mushrooms

A ‘shroom version of Osaka’s classic… pizza. No ! Negi-yaki. Some people call okonomiyaki and negiyaki Japanese pizza, but it’s a bit ridiculous. The only common point is both are round.
The basic recipe is here.

Lots of greens of negi leeks.

White enoki mushrooms and black jelly ear mushrooms (kikurage). Plus green pepper and ten kasu (tempura crumbs).

I threw in an egg before flipping it.

Full of veggies, thick and filling. Mmmmmm !

Salmon and pesto

Salad lunch du jour. Fish, herbs, green, mushrooms, seaweed…

That was from this :

I cooked sushi rice with a piece of seaweed. I eat it too.
I’ve cut that boiled kombu seaweed.

Steamed and chilled Hokkaido salmon.

Steamed too.

A green pesto, not too garlicky.

Rice-cooker mushrooms and beef wine stew (via Gourmande in Osaka)

Last year…

Rice-cooker mushrooms and beef wine stew Beef marinated a few hours in red wine, with lemon peel, garlic, laurel, cardamom. Forgot it all day in the rice-cooker (rice porridge mode) with red onion, shiitake mushrooms, konnyaku noodles. Added enoki mushrooms. While I prepared bifun (rice noodles) stri-fried in olive oil, with bok choy and topped with lots of Italian parsley. Bok choy and Italian parsley bifun. Enoki mushrooms. White konnyaku noodles colored by the sauce. Red onion. Cal 5 … Read More

via Gourmande in Osaka

A tray of ingredients to hot pot… (mini sukiyaki dinner) (via Gourmande in Osaka)

Last year…

A tray of ingredients to hot pot… (mini sukiyaki dinner) Evening is fresher… nothing better than a small informal sukiyaki to warm up the night. Here you have carrots, konnyaku noddles, green leeks, fine slices of lean beef, shiitake mushrooms, "fu" (gluten croutons) shaped in balls and flowers, small brown "enokidake mushrooms" (their name is "yamacha" mountain brown) and a sudachi (forrest fragrant small green lemon) that I don't add into the pot but as a final seasoning for the mushrooms. For the … Read More

via Gourmande in Osaka