Coffee sunglasses


Coffee or dessert ? Let’s have a coffee flavored sweet.
That’s very simple and plant based. I had fun with the silicone molds.


Fresh out of the mold. They look naked ? Let’s dress them.


So ?


That’s the plan. The biscuit is sesame, sugar and cocoa mass chips, blended together. The bavarois is thick coconut milk, instant coffee, texture with agar.


Pearly Arabian nights : crème persane à l’orange

This is the thousand and one post on this blog… or nearly. So let’s celebrate with a sweet story.
It has the name of a tale you read to kids at bed time : crème persane (Persian cream), because it’s an old style dessert French grannies would make for children… or because it actually comes from old Persia ?
No idea, it’s simply a mousse with tapioca pearls in it.

I wondered if that existed only in France, and I found that in English a “cream Persian” is a furry sofa ornament like this :

creme persane

If you want to buy this “cream” in Spain -I don’t know the company, only linked the photo- the shop is there.

It’s flavored with orange peel, juice and a hint of Grand Marnier.

Light and fresh…

Holes and bubbles.

The juicy bottom.

Ile moussante

In the series “not as great as expected”…. I decided to try my pralines with an ile flottante (floating island).

pralines “rouges”

Hid pralines under a meringue.

Baked it…

Ahem… not the pink volcano lava that looks so good. After all, it seems the type of coloring matters.
The anglaise sauce is pink as I made in the pan with the rest of sugar of the pralines. And it is like a mousse because I beat it too much…

That’s as good as usual, I guess. But I’d have found it better if it had looked better too.