Tourte lorraine au poulet et à la marjolaine (chicken marjoram pie)


Une tourte lorraine. Lorraine style meat pie. I’ve never seen my mother making one, but so many local butchers proposed great ones, even without orderning.
Here I have to make it from scratch. This time, it’s a little variation to adapt to local ingredients.


Inside it’s mostly chicken…


… and a few herbs, particularly fresh marjolaine (marjoram).


Humm… the crispy and buttery golden crust.


For dessert : small lunettes à la vanille made with the same pastry.

vanilla spectacles

And some escargots (snails), no photo of todays but you’ve seen some before :

schnek (escargot)


Rasen gyoza (spiral dumplings)

A few fleischnackas

About those meat escargot pasta

Today’s market basket for the veggies.

They are not burnt, just perfectly grilled.

A perfect mix of pasta and filling, poached and pan-fried… Like a gyoza. Bigger. More of the yummy stuff !

Fleischnacka, the other French snails

Fleischnacka, meat snails. Pasta rolls. That’s a fun Alsacian family dish.

Ideally, you want to make them with leftovers (meat, stock and veggies) from pot-au-feu. It’s possible to start with ground meat.

Served in the broth.

Or without, with a salad.

Petit schneck rhum-raisin

In my place we say Schneck or escargot as they look like snails. Others say pain au raisin which means raisin bread, so how do they call raisin bread ?

Croissant dough, vanilla custard cream, rum soaked raisin.

Freshly baked… but they are much better cooled. The dough flaky and crispy…

The cream is soft, the flavor of rum raisin very present.

Sesame bovoli, Venetian snails with a Bizantine spy

And on your left, Signore, Signori, the tower of Pisa…
Oh maybe. And on the right, a bovolo. That’s a snail, a Venetian snail shaped bread. Oh, I have no idea how they make them…

It’s yoghurt bread, rolled with white neri-goma (sesame paste)… This is tahini, like a mysterious masked Ottoman visitor hidden in the bovolo spiral staircases…

They didn’t take mucho volume… Should have waited a bit more.
The taste of sesame doesn’t dominate. It’s nice and pleasant.

Other very different sesame breads :


yogurt bread

sourdough black sesame bread

Yes, I didn’t want 2 of the same shape. Too boring…

They are not sweet. So a little kuro-mitsu (black sugar syrup) goes greatly on them.

Yes, it does look like the croissant viennois (click here), and it is very close in texture, even in taste.