Pumpkin curry with wined chestnuts, cilantro falafels


A deliciously flavored soup curry, with kabocha, wine flavored kuri chestnuts and hanamame giant beans. And a side of cilantro falafels. Some people are genetically designed to hate cilantro/coriander and it takes a really bad taste in their mouth. That’s really sad. I have to luck to appreciate this herb and I never have enough of it.


Soaked chick peas, mixed with onion, coriander (root, stalk, leaves), chili flakes, Sichuan pepper, salt.


Served with a dip of harissa… well it’s mixed with tomato sauce. Cucumbers, cilantro (the leaves) and shikwasa citrus salad.


Mmm… a dream if you love both falafels and coriander.


Kabocha pumpkin curry :
A cut of steamed kabocha, steamed with skin. Pasted with 1/2 block of tofu, 1 tbs of Japanese curry spice mix, 2 tbs of sakekasu sake lees, salt, water. I simmered the mix till it became thick. Garnished with hanamame beans and wined chestnuts :


White wine chestnuts :
That’s ideal if you have chestnut that start to dry a little.
Soak them 2 hours, then you can easy cut out the hard shell.
In fresh water, soak overnight, you can then take away the inner skin. Most of it. A large part of it. Actually, you want to leave a small amount for flavor. Break them in 2 or 3 parts.
Then I’ve drained the chestnuts, put in rice cooker, added a glass of white wine, a little sugar, a pinch of salt, 1/2 glass of water (to cover). Switched on. That stopped when the liquid had evaporated. You can do it in a pan or a crock-pot, simply simmer very gently.
They are good to add to sauces and dishes, just a few to pinpoint. You will discover the refined taste.


A nice meal, rich in legumes and fragrances.



Red bell pepper falafels


The falafel-mania is not over… Summer is just starting. Today with flashy red bell pepper.


It’s a base of pasted soaked chick peas, with onion, green and red pepper additions. To texture it, I’ve used oatmeal. Pan-fried.


Served them with grilled bread, shredded red cabbage, lemon, a little harissa and tahini sauce.


Freshly made tahini (pasted sesame), that I dilute with lemon juice and a little water to make the sauce.


Tahini sauce on the falafels and…


…on the side-dish of red bell pepper and wakame flavored sashimi konnyaku.


For dessert, green melon and a few drop this product that is a sweet reduction of balsamico vinegar. That magically enhances fruit flavor.

Chickpeas three ways for a casual Summer lunch



Transforming a bowl of freshly boiled chick peas into 3 dishes.


Falafels. It’s better to make them from raw chick peas, but I’ve mashed boiled ones with a little potato starch for binding, added randomly spices, mint, lemon balm, and the brown thing is the ground of sobacha.




Chickpeas in a tomato tabouleh with… what was in the fridge, sweet corn, ninniku no me (garlic stalks), bell pepper, green soy beans, mint too. And harissa.


Served with salad spinach.


Chick peas with lemon juice and lots of tahini (sesame paste) to make a creamy hummus. It’s a sauce for the falafels.


Purple falafels


Colorful falafels and a creamy sour sauce today…
Quick and fun.


Yes, red cabbage brings the color.


I blended the cabbage, then added the soaked chick peas, some onion, cardamome seeds and ajowan (a little), salt.


They become pink in the pan…


The sauce is soy yogurt, with lemon juice, coriander seed, salt and pepper.


Mmm, purple pillows…


Simple 10 minute falafels

I was in a falafel mood…

… and I had the appetite to devour several falafel sands.

1 minute :soak chick peas over-night,
3 minutes :mash them with some water, add flavoring, make balls,
6 minutes : pan-fry.
I flavored with nutmeg, salt, pepper, negi leeks.

I soak lots of chickpeas when I buy a back. I boil half and I freeze several bags of either cooked CPs and raw-soaked CPs ready to be used for falafels.

A batch of hot falafels…

Graham flour flat breads.

Ribboned zucchini.

Sprinkled with ground coriander seeds.

With fava bean pancakes

Another simple lunch that is not so usual. It is centered on those falafelish patties. I should call them ta’amiya as they are made of fresh broad beans. It’s green, full of proteins and delicious :

They are delight dipped in Chinese vinegar, like gyoza dumplings.

I pasted in the blender those raw favas. Flavored with negi leeks, mint, garlic, ground sesame, salt, pepper.

I cooked them well in olive oil and made the sides a bit crispy.

Black vinegar to dip.

The sides are very simple. Sorghum, cooked in the rice cooker, seasoned with salt and aonori seaweed.

Lotus root, goya bitter squash and red cabbage.

Black pepper seared veggies. I nearly scorched them and stopped one second before, on purpose.

They were very crispy and flavored with a smoky taste.

Kintoki bean mini croquettes on a bed of cole-slow…

They are more bean based falafels than croquettes, but they are as nicely crispy.

Kintoki red beans and sesame seeds, soaked overnight.

In the blender, the beans and seeds, garlic, salt, pepper… When the paste was smooth, I’ve added bell peppers.

Cooked in the frying pan. Photos were not in that order… but there is some auto-correction for photo montages too, it seems.

A red cabbage waiting to get the shred… The thinner, the tastier.
I think certain food processor apps do that quickly, but I don’t have that equipment.

I grated with this tool. That would be a bit slow to grate the whole cabbage.

A randomly mixed harissa tomato sauce.

To put on the patties.

Krrr krrr krr…. very pleasant grazing.