Farz fou ! Crazy pagan baking.

The famous dessert from Bretagne, in its ancestral version. And it’s great. If you like the simplicity of salty butter caramel, you can only love it.
I followed… freely the familial recipe of Pagan (from his blog in French). Merci pour cette recette !

That’s not a dainty creation your Parisian artsy pâtissier. Not even presentable like the more pudding-like chilled version with prunes. It’s really a grandma-bakes-me-my-after-school-cake, something you devour hot from the oven. As it disappeared in a few minutes, I can’t say what it’s like when it cools. Well, it’s surely deflated.

Butter foam guzzling at the surface… Ah, if you could smell it !

Hokkaido’s butter has salt in it… but less than Bretagne’s. So I’ve added some.

It really tried to run out of the dish. Spectacular. I made it very flat because my oven is low and at first try, it went up so high that the top was scorched.

Flan boulanger

Flan patissier is pudding on a pie, so pudding on bread dough should be flan boulanger.

I used the rest of my pizza dough.

The flan like for a far aux pruneaux. It goes up and pfff… down. I had pruneaux (prunes) pickled in brandy for a while and delicious.

Cal : 301 F6.2g C42.5g P12.8g

Desserts Francais – French Desserts (compilation)


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Bonjour !

Here is a compil’ of my French style desserts, with a little blah-blah in the middle.


Les crêpes !
Crêpes Suzette mandarineCrêpes boisettes (berry) Crêpes little sunCrêpes soufflées tropicales

More : crêpes compilation (sweet and savory)


Noël et Rois (Xmas and Kings) :
Pompe à l’huile (sweet fougasse)Nonnettes (fluffy gingerbread)Flocon de neige (snowflake cake)Nougat glacé (honey ice-cream) Galette des Rois (Kings’ cake)Galette des Rois au chocolat

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Les fruits !
Poire pochée au chocolat Baked pineappleFruity papilloteTartelette aux figuesPomme lampion (baked apple) Crémet aux fruits rouges


Classiques :
GénoiseCygne et choux (cream puffs and swan) MillefeuilleTarte au chocolat Religieuse (cream puff “nun”)


Regions :
Brioche de Pâques (Easter bread, Provence)Gâteau de Metz (retro chocolate cake, Lorraine)Croustade or Pastis aux pommes (apple pie, Gascogne) Millas (corn and pumpkin, South-West) Farz fourn (butter cake, Bretagne)


Festifs :
Pets de nonne (‘farting nun’ carnival donuts)Mango coco millefeuilleStar anise mandarin chocolate tarte Crémet in mint sauceGâteau de la bergère (Shepherd’s cake made with potato) Petits flans a la betterave (sweet beetroot puddings)

Recipe or not ?

Many posts don’t have recipes, particularly for desserts. Because I am extremely secretive ? Not, really. Surely I am too lazy to write recipes for each post (it’s everyday). Whenever you see an “unexplained” dish and you want a recipe or even more details, ask me in comments. I’ll answer.
That’s not my blogging style to make a recipe book. Many do it. I could copy and paste, to make it look serious. That would be cheating. Most times, I don’t follow recipes, or loosely.

You often read that you can cook without a scale and a precise recipe, but for baking cakes, you need precise scales and measuring instruments. Nothing is more wrong. It is true that the professional baker, in his “laboratoire”, works very precisely. The every-day job is to reproduce many times the same recipe that has been tested in that shop’s conditions, with exactly the same quality of ingredients, with lots of equipment, in an air-conditioned place.
In your kitchen, you change of brand of flour, your fruits are more juicy today, your eggs are bigger, it’s hot, you whisk slower than an electric batter, butter melts… Follow strictly the recipe, and you end up with a batter that is too liquid, and you get a mess. Living in another country, I have never been further from the ideal condition of the recipe book recipes. Japanese eggs, flour, butter, sugar, baking powders -just to name the most common ingredient- are not like those in France. The oven is different. Oh yeah ! And that’s neither a good nor a bad thing.
So, at home, it’s easier to memorize the texture the dough should have, the color of a cake, the taste of fruit sauce… That’s how I started baking with my grand-mothers when I was too short to reach the kitchen table so I had to stand on a chair.

Where are the flashy macarons ? the mountains of cream ?

They can stay in the shops. I like them less and less. I really prefer simple desserts, regional specialties, forgotten grand-ma recipes. (well I have added a few macarons, a request…)
I want to eat healthy, without obsession, but without excess either. I am not interested by the 1000 calories per serving cakes you can see these days. For my taste, it’s too sweet, too fat, and the flavors are covered by that excess. So the quantity of sugar I add is exactly what is needed for the good taste. For a fruit dessert, I often don’t add any sweetener. And the size of the desserts is smaller and also based on item (for instance, I’ll use 1 egg or 1 apple…and evaluate the quantities of other ingredients to match it).

Vautes aux cerises (cherry old style pancake) ** Tartes aux brimbelles (wild blueberry tart)
Glace reine des fraises ** Mademoiselle Proust, petite madeleine lorraine

Clafoutis limousin -Real classic or one bite clafoutis
Millas et compote de kabocha ** Petits millas aux raisins secs (raisin corn bread)

I heart kouign amann ** Far, far, far…
Crêpes au sarrasin


(small after-meal sweets)

Bouchons au matcha ** Moricette a l’anis ** Gomacarons (sesame macarons)

Calissons au melon ** macarons parisiens fantaisie ** Pralines rouges

pates de fruits mangue-coco ** Truffes a la pomme ** Congolais ** One bite fruit pies

Creamy :

Pearly Arabian nights : crème persane à l’orange ** Crème persane à la pistache (pistachio) ** Creme Mont-Blanc de quand on etait petits (Canned vanilla milk pudding)

Glace Plombieres ** Marquisette blanche ** Meyer lemon mille-feuilles

Fragrance of frangipane (poire frangipane) ** Creme Mont-Blanc aux marrons ** Quatre-quarts, the simple butter cake

Colorful :

Marquise au the vert ** Pure mousse au chocolat ** Vanilla tarte Tatin

Petite Tatin viennoise ** Marquise ** Gaufres a la biere (beer waffles)

Iced marquise ** Bounty ** Flan chocolat

Petite boulangerie :

Schneck rhum-raisin (eacargot, pain au raisin) ** Pink compote chaussons ** Lunette vanille

Chocolatines (pains au chocolat) ** Pain perdu versaillesque (French toast) ** Chausson aux pommes

Plus :
Chinois (brioche)

More ?

Ile moussante
Petite tarte alsacienne à la rhubarbe
Lait d’amandes (almond milk)
Briochettes a l’anis
Nashi Belle-Helene, truffe au sesame
Sorbet de cacao grand frisson
Creme aux roses
Sakura blanc-manger
Mousse de lait a la mangue
La flamme douce a la pomme (apple pizza)
Tartelettes citron-chocolat
Fraises cache-cache (souffle with strawberries)


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Far, far, far…

Far aux pruneaux (prune baked pudding).
Far breton, farz fourn, is a simple dessert from Bretagne. The prune one is classical.

From the same region :
I heart kouign amann

Cocoa chip.

Sweet marron (Chinese chestnuts).

The 3 cakes :

Cal :615.2 F13.8g C89.8g P22.9g

French desserts – Dessert francais (compilation)