Rôti, farci, roulé. (Summer pork roast)


Dégusté : eaten with pleasure.
Rôti de porc farci , stuffed pork roast.


Farci : a pork filet mignon (soft sirloin) stuffed with cheese, herbs and dry tomatoes.


Emballé : wrapped in smoked bacon.


Rôti : roasted.


Coupé : cut.


Servi : Served with a tarte polenta.


7 a day ? 10 a day ? Lettuce soup and stuffed veggies

A few ideas to eat a maximum of greens and veggies in a meal…

Un petit potage Choisy.

soupe du jour : Choisy

Des petits farcis a la mode de Provence. With brown rice, chicken meat, “chorizo” sausage, sunflower seeds, fresh herbs…

other petits farcis
tomates provencales (not stuffed)

New potatoes.

Delicious tomatoes.

Bell peppers of 3 colors.

Poulet farci à la sauge et purée aux olives (chicken, sage, olives, sunny day…)

Sage stuffed chicken and olive mashed potatoes.

Lemon juice marinated chicken breast, filled with sage and cheeese, baked.

Fork mashed potatoes, with a pinch of nutmeg. Topped by minced black olive. Drizzled with fruity olive oil.

Chili and garlic sautéed mizuna.

Baked tomates provençales.

The four aces…
Winner meal !