Stinky cheesy sauce for asparagus and carrot bread

That’s not a sauce for the faint of heart. It’s not cheese, taste is not really cheese, but it’s strength 8 of the Munster scale that has 7 degrees.

about sake kasu

I had some sake kasu that was in the fridge since… a while ago. It doesn’t go bad. Just stronger. Fiercer.

The paprika is mostly for the color. Otherwise it’s a bit too grey.

Just mix, paste, add water.

Serve with green asparagus.

If you have some left, it’s great on carrot bread. It’s a quick bread made of flour + rice bran, backing powder, grated carrot, turmeric, salt, water. Baked in the oven toaster in about 10-15 minutes.
The top photo with cold sauce, the bottom one toasted with the sauce. Both are delicious. If you like strong food…

Poulet en gratin, with a macrobio twist and a hint of tarragon

Chicken baked in a cheese-texture sauce. Actually it’s dairy free.

Not the best photo… That looks like melt cheese. It is made of foxtail millet, not the one I had a few posts ago, but the sticky type.
Some macrobiotic eaters make this sauce to use instead of cheese. I don’t know who invented it, it’s all over the web. Well, it’s just a porridge. I boiled the millet a few minutes, let it stand, passed the mixer and simmered to thicken.
Then, you can add salt or soy sauce. It can be used that way on a pizza. It’s not very strong in taste, but not less than average pizza mozzarella. If you want it “stronger”, you can add beer yeast (the pharmacy one that is “killed”, not the baker type that would make “bubbles”), or dry wheat germ, or powdered malt. Plus curry spices of your choice (not too much). You don’t obtain a cheese. You have a melty sauce.

Add fresh tarragon.

On boiled chicken. I’ve let some chicken broth in the dish.

I couldn’t take photos in the oven but it really looked like cheese melting. And that’s the ideal comfort food texture. As it’s dairy free and poor in fat, it’s easy to digest in hot weather (I wouldn’t have eaten a cheese one today).

But flavor is from tarragon.

Konnyaku (wakame flavored) and raw veggies.