Tamago-chan, cute egg wagashi (recipe for kashiwa-mochi)

Will you have an egg with your tea ? Or do you prefer yolks ?
Yes, they are sweets. Japanese sweets.

If you don’t like eggs, you are not on the right blog this week. It’s the Easter effect. That should be the conclusion of the series. The dino egg that started hatching process Sunday is totally cracked :


The yolks are made of kimi-an.

kimi-an (recipe)

The whites are not regular daifuku mochi but like kashiwa-mochi 柏餅 that are served in oak leaves.
The texture is harder, more like egg whites. I used the processed Japanese rice flour called joshinko 上新粉, which is not made from glutinous rice but from plain rice.

Easy kashiwa-mochi

Pounding is necessary. You need a pestle and a mortar.

Add about same weight of water to 100 grams of joshinko (processed rice flour), mix well.
Microwave (500 watts) 2 minutes. Pound well and add a little water.
Microwave 1 minute, pound and add water again… And again.
It needs 5 to 7 minutes, you can taste it is cooked. Pound again while it cools down.

When the paste is lukewarm, it can be taken and shaped with wet hands.

Reminder : for daifuku mochi, you need glutinous rice or mochi-ko or equivalent processed flours made from glutinous rice.

Making daifuku mochi from mochiko (mochi flour)


You can serve them like that, eggs and yolks and guests will discover the inside.

They are not convenient to cut, they fall apart. Like “too fresh from the hen” boiled eggs that you can’t get out of the shell…