With fava bean pancakes

Another simple lunch that is not so usual. It is centered on those falafelish patties. I should call them ta’amiya as they are made of fresh broad beans. It’s green, full of proteins and delicious :

They are delight dipped in Chinese vinegar, like gyoza dumplings.

I pasted in the blender those raw favas. Flavored with negi leeks, mint, garlic, ground sesame, salt, pepper.

I cooked them well in olive oil and made the sides a bit crispy.

Black vinegar to dip.

The sides are very simple. Sorghum, cooked in the rice cooker, seasoned with salt and aonori seaweed.

Lotus root, goya bitter squash and red cabbage.

Black pepper seared veggies. I nearly scorched them and stopped one second before, on purpose.

They were very crispy and flavored with a smoky taste.

Fevoulet (a very old French specialty) (via Gourmande in Osaka)


Fevoulet (a very old French specialty) This is a "fevoulet". I like cooking dishes from yesteryears, trying to imagine what people had in their plate 1000 years ago. That's surely not accurate. I am not an historian. That's just for fun. Fevoulet ou Cassoulet aux Feves You may already know "cassoulet", a very old specialty of the South-East of France, made of longly baked white beans with different kind of fat meat products. The classic cassoulet is a very *dense* dish, ideal Winter a … Read More

via Gourmande in Osaka

Falafèves et omelette tomatine

Falafèves. They are kinds of fresh fava bean (broad bean) falafels. I make balls with ground raw (important, not cooked) favas, garlic, turmeric, salt. Stir-fried them.

falafeves (= ta’amiya)

The sauce is yogurt, lemon juice and a mix of random spices.

Not an effect of the photo, the omelet was copper orange. I whisked woughly the eggs with tomato juice, added salt and pepper, rolled it after cooking (without fat).

Baveuse inside. Mmmmmm !

Zoom on Miss de Nice

What’s better in this season than a good salade niçoise ? I made bonito fish in oil and selected the gems of the market this week…

the real story of the salade niçoise

Roooh the vegetables ! Raw and young only. Yellow zukes, green cukes, fevettes (baby favas)…

Simply great !