Bean terrine lunch

Open the fridge, sit down and eat… And it’s good. Sure, I had things in stock.

This vegan terrine that should have lasted… more than 2 days. It didn’t. Too good to stock. (recipe here : azuki terrine).

With hot rice from the rice-cooker. It’s hatsuga genmai, germinated brown rice as usual.

Tarragon vinegar pickles. I mixed red onion, cucumbers, yellow paprika, red chili. Just a few days in the brine (vinegar, dry tarragon, salt, water).

Dessert : the season fruit basket.

Baking an azuki bean terrine

A good earthy terrine perfect for the season. That’s very easy to make, so there will be others. I like meat terrines and pâtés and this is not a fake one at all. Bean terrines are a different animal and you have to try.

Batter : About 1/2 azuki beans, 1/3 veggies, 1/3 sesame and starches.
I’ve boiled a batch of azuki beans. I’ve mashed them roughly with a fork.
The veggies are chopped red onions and these red sweet chilis. I’ve toasted sesame and ground it, then added some more whole seed, white and black.
The starch is rye flour, plus a little potato starch added for texture.

To be sure it wouldn’t stick, I’ve completely covered the bottom of the mold with black and white sesame seeds. That worked perfectly.
I’ve spiced with garlic, Chinese miso, black pepper, coriander seeds and cumin. In the middle, I’ve hidden a few handful of small favas (broad beans).

After baking one hour.

The icing is Thai sweet chili sauce.

It absorbs it as it cools down. Later, out of the mold :

Fresh rosemary, pork filet mignon and baby favas.

Creaminess and sweetness.

The meat of this retro Summer stew is of an extreme tenderness. Slow infusion of flavors and gentle cooking are the secrets.

White meat (big cubes of pork filet), milk and Awaji Island’s mellow onion, that could even be boring if green rosemary didn’t take the lead. I threw in a few mini favas (broad beans, well not broad here). Two more items as I had started with the rosemary :

A few more févettes in olive oil for an aperitif snack.

On bread, again.

Grilled paprika chicken and oregano favas

A little weekday dinner.

Chicken half-wings, sprinkled with paprika powder and grilled.

A fresh paprika, cut in ribbons, also grilled.

Oregano. I cut it thinly, added salt and pepper.

Mixed with small raw favas.

Side-dish : leftover oyster sauce stir-fry. That’s stalks of mizuna leaves, the skins of the favas, garlic, onion.

Zoom on Miss de Nice

What’s better in this season than a good salade niçoise ? I made bonito fish in oil and selected the gems of the market this week…

the real story of the salade niçoise

Roooh the vegetables ! Raw and young only. Yellow zukes, green cukes, fevettes (baby favas)…

Simply great !