Golden unohana, the fiber up salad

This is a salad of unohana or okara (soy fibers). I have eaten too much chocolate cake and chocolate sweets, so I needed to compensate…

This sort of powder is a by-product when you make soy milk or tofu. It’s the fibers that are left after filtering the milk.

(source : click on image)

This sort of magnolia is unohana, and as it ressembles, okara is also called that way.

I rehydrated it, added tomato paste, spices, soy sauce, salt, garlic and cooked it. Then capers, sweet peppers, negi leeks and the vinegar or the capers.
That vaguely looks like tabouleh, but it is very filling due to the high fiber content.

1 serving (about 1 cup):
Cal 67.5 F1.3g C12.1g P2.7g