Champilège 2 : amuse-shiitake



Amuse-gueules are small stuff to entertain your snout. The hat of a shiitake is the perfect size.


Shiitake mushrooms.

Soaked bulgur is the base, with red onion, garlic, thyme, olive oil, salt, pepper…


Baked till golden. Serve hot.


Gougères aux herbes


A classic appetizer or snack food from Bourgogne (Burgondy), the cheese gougères. Served freshly baked, still hot with wine or a drink. Mmmm…


It’s the same recipe as the choux (cream puffs, here). Today my cheese was the infamous process product, I’ve added a little nutmeg and some fragrant fresh herbs to compensate.


And rosemary.


Baked till golden. Devoured 1 minutes after the photoshoot…



Causa maki. Lima-Osaka fusion.


A Japanese-Peruvian fusion. Causa rellena the Peruvian, stuffed mashed potato, and makizushi the sushi rolled in nori seaweed.




And that rocks. Of course, since the success of the food chain Nobu, Peruvian-Japanese fusion cuisine is famous over the world. Except here actually. There are many Peruvian residents (mostly people with Japanese origins that got a visa to come over the 80’s), but few Peruvian eateries and these tend to propose purely Peruvian dishes they may be nostalgic about, not a mix. That makes sense.


Normally you need yellow potatoes. I colored some with turmeric, flavored with grated onion, habanero chili powder, salt and grated onion. Let that chill a few hours.


Red onion : cut, salted, let a while, rinsed.


Then carrot, negi leek greens and avocado.


Rolled on a sheet of nori. That would need more support than a rice roll, so I’ll use 2 layers of nori next time but that was the last one.
Cut. I’ve eaten them like that, with nothing added, they were very tasty.



Renkon-burgers, anti fast-food.

Healthy vegan burger that taste hundred times better than the standard take-out.

It’s common in Japanese cuisine to make savory bits by sticking 2 slices of renkon (lotus root) around a small patty. This time, I made my “meat” with boiled azuki beans.

I roughly mashed them with a fork. Added some Thai red curry paste, ground sesame and a little potato starch for the binding. 2 minutes in the micro-wave. I formed the buns with slices of boiled lotus root. They can be stocked a few days in the fridge.

I ate a few like that :

I’ve reheated a few in a frying pan with other items. And these on the photo have been reheated 4 minutes in the oven-toaster :

Served with shiso leaves and a sliced tomato.

That’s really the best. After one day in the fridge, the flavors were better combined. The contrast of the hot patties and the raw veggies is very pleasant. Dietetic bonus : the C-vitamin of the plants makes the iron from the beans more efficient in your body. Well it’s addictive, I made a ton and they are all gone…