Kamo namba, so convenient !

This is insanely good. Maybe the best specialty of Osaka.
It’s kamo namba, or kamo namban. It can be served with soba buckwheat noodles or udon white wheat noodles. It can be made as nabe hot pot cooked on the table.

They disagree on the origin of name “namban” means South, and is often used to name dishes from South of Japan. Namba is a town inside Osaka, in the Minami (=South) side. So South of Osaka is more likely. Also, they would cultivate negi leeks in Namba. Well, not recently. And probably they had those ducks (kamo) running around.

Why is that convenient ? I don’t know, but they say here “it’s convenient like duck and negi leeks”. It’s good to have both in one place, you can do that dish.

This type of negi leek is Kujo negi (Kyoto’s 9th avenue negi leek). Surely there too they were cultivating leeks. Not sure they still do behind the big buildings now, not even sure they don’t… I’ll tell you why another day.

The particularity is the greens are very sweet and can be eaten raw without tearing apart your mouth.

The whites need being seared without fat, just a few minutes.

Kamo is duck. This not classic duck… well, it is organic, it looked good and it is “chick”, they say.

Sear it without fat, like the negi whites. Duck is good rare. Even if you disagree, roast it a little less than you want as it keeps cooking in the broth.

Boil the udon. Make 6 cups of dashi (with dry fish and kombu), flavor it with soy sauce (about 3 tbs of dark type) and mirin (2 to 4 tbs), bring to a boil. Add salt if you need. Combine the udon, the meat and negi, pour the broth.

How to make quick dashi

Add a little shichimi togarashi (7 spice mix). And enjoy. The chick is delicious, the veggie tender, this is wonderful.

Cal 529.2 F12.8g C65.6g P34.3g

Mega-Brunch in Japanese style (via Gourmande in Osaka)

Last Year

Mega-Brunch in Japanese style I was so hungry that I gulped down : -2 servings of brown rice -2 serving of soup (fish broth, sake-kasu, white miso, kiku-imo potato, broccoli, mushroom, carrot) -black natto, wasabi, egg -tofu steak (home-made "momen-dofu" cotton-style, cooked like a steak), with shichimi togarashi 7 spice mix -sencha green tea Cal 751.2 F20.2g C117.3g P41.4g pour les Francophones : Grosse faim apres une grasse matinee, j'ai avale : -2 bols de riz brun -2 bols … Read More

via Gourmande in Osaka

The day my goldfish fell into the bouillabaisse

It’s a kinmedai (golden eye snapper). The color is really spectacular. That’s not the most delicate fish in the seas. That would be complicated to keep it as a pet. If you’re Japanese, you put it in a nabe (hot pot), and if you are French in a bouillabaisse. Or the contrary… Today it’s bouillabaisse.

Well, a simple home-made bouillabaisse, with the few ingredients I had in the pantry.

Mame aji, small fish, that I bought a day they were discounted and frozen for that purpose. I know we call them chinchards in French. That would be Jack mackerel in English.
They are the base for the broth. I added garlic and I had nothing else fresh. So herbes de Provence, olive oil, chili flakes, tomato paste. As veggies, 1 onion and 2 potatoes.
Forget on the stove.

Prepare the rust. It’s this sauce’s name, la rouille, the rust. In a mortar, paste 2 cloves of garlic (without germ), add a little sea salt, a few twigs of safran, a few flaves of chili or paprika, a little tomato paste. To get volume, stir in bread (without crust, that you wet and squeeze). Finish by adding olive oil, a good amount. If you have left-over you can keep it in the fridge. 2 months. No, 2 years… I’m kidding, maybe 2 days is OK in Winter.

Filter the broth, add the cut potatoes and onion to it. Plus a little safran and a tbs of rouille.
NB : don’t throw away the filtered fish, wait for a next post.

And plooof ! The fish into the broth. And bouillabaisse !
Ah, bouille means bring to boil and baisse means go lower, that is simmer. Just afew minutes till the fish is cooked.

That gives you a 2 dish meal :

A soup, to which eaters add rouille at their taste.

Fish and veggies. With rouille too, if you want.

Cal 526 F10.5g C78.6g P30.5g