Carotene fish curry


I’m boosting this fish curry with carrots.


From tai (sea bream) heads, that’s very cheap.


Blend the ingredients of the sauce.


Simmer the fish in it. Then add salt, red and green bell peppers, a little lemon juice.


Garnish with slices of lemon.


Prepare rice and a salad as sides.


That’s ready in less than 15 minutes and really delicious.



Tai no kabuto-ni. A helmet of sea bream.


A Japanese meal with tai no kabuto ni as a main.
Yes, kabuto means helmet, and the resemblance is clear. Well think about those samurai helmets that everybody wears to ride a bicycle in Japan… er, no, but that’s this type with 2 ear flaps :

kabuto source :blog from the place where they make them (click here) . Visit the page for more details. They are display models for Little Boy Festival in May.


That’s an economical dish as they sell fish heads cheaply. And they sell them ready for this dish. I mean the scales are grated (roughly), and it is split in two. Well veggie readers (I doubt you’re still here) sorry for the view. But for us that eat animals, it’s better to avoid wastes. That said I would eat fish heads anyway. Because there is a lot of flesh in it, and it is of finer texture and tastier.

Recipe :

-Rinse the fish. What you can do is put it on a grill and pour boiling water on it, just once. It makes the fish white and the scales very easy to notice, so you can finish the fismonger’s work. For myself I don’t care if I have scales in my plate, anyway, you need to pick the bones and bits.
-Then it’s a classic nitsuke sauce 1:1:1 , sake, mirin, shoyu soy sauce. And a small piece of kombu seaweed. Put these in a pan with a little water, bring slowly to a boil.
Add the fish. Make a foil cover. Pass to moderate heat. Cook about 15 minutes.


The veggies are steamed separately. Here 2 colors of carrots. And I had frozen garlic stalks. Let’s get the sides :


I had kintoki red beans, and kimchi ready.


A grated veggie salad. A soup, a drink-soup. It’s really water, veggies and black pepper. No salt as there is enough for the meal.


Genmai, brown rice.


Fish tom yum – Soupe tom yum a la tete de daurade

For a hot day, hot country’s food. Today, a Thai-lish menu.
Fish tom yum : the head of a tai (Japanese red grouper), onion, ginger, garlic, lime, tomato, tom yum paste, frozen Thai “bouquet garni” (galanga, lemon grass, makrut lime leafs, coriander), okras (gombos).
And a double bowl of rice (white Akita komachi rice, black sticky rice and sorgho), topped with leek.

Cal 703.5 F10.8g C 102.0g P44.7g

Fr :
Un repas assorti a la chaleur. Inspiration thailandaise, soupe tom yum de tete de dorade “tai”, avec ail, oignon, gingembre frais, “bouquet garni” thailandais (citronnelle, galangal, feuille de citron makrut, coriandre), citron vert, tomate, pate d’epices “tom yum” . Les legumes verts sont des okras.